Pond Skimming

So this last weekend we went up to Canyons to get in some Spring skiing/boarding.  And by that I mean, there is just enough snow that hasn't melted that we were able to sneak one last day in before the end of the season. Seriously guys, this winter SUCKED. I mean, I probably got about 20 days in, which I feel awesome about and I had a great time, but fingers crossed next season the snow gods smile down on us a little more than they did this year.

We also went to watch the Pond Skimming contest at the Mid Mountain.  They host that party on the last weekend the resort is open, generally.  And all it is, is a contest where people wear crazy costumes, ski or board down a hill and try to skim all the way to the end of this pond. OR- to see who can have the biggest splash when they biff it. For example, here is a a man dressed in a panda suit who actually skimmed his way across. And to the right, a larger man who had a cape and an "S" painted on his bare chest who won the biggest splash.
(Apologies for the Snapchat quality photos.)

I hadn't ever been to this before, mostly because I haven't had a pass to Canyons since I was probably in 7th grade, but after watching this I am bound and determined to enter in next year. Because it was hilarious.  And I want to do fun things. So I need to figure out how to enter and then get working on my costume.  Which, might I add will not be me in my bra.  

  Ever hear of a bikini ski day? Trust me, I wasn't the only one up there like this.  And it was too warm for all the layers I had on, so I went with the crowd.

And it was totally awesome.

And I totally got sunburned.

Can't wait for next season! In the meantime, I'm going to go try to repair all the damage I did to my board from all the rocks I ran over on Saturday.

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  1. Please just come to New York next winter, okay? I'm sure there will be plenty of snow (left over from THIS winter, still) for you.

    ALSO. I WANT A SUN BURN. I'm so white.


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