I'm sure you're all wondering how the bio-screening went yesterday. It was fine. I mean, there was a brief second there where I almost had a panic in the waiting area.  I got nervous giggles and tears started welling up in my eyes... But then my old roommate's sister who used to hang out with us walked out and was the nurse who was going to doing my screening and I calmed down immediately. So, I'll be patiently awaiting my check and planning what I am going to spend it on because I DESERVE IT.

I also ran five miles last night but I'm still not totally recovered from the eight I ran last weekend and I am paying dearly for it this morning. My legs don't feel real anymore and the bottom of my feet just ache! I need to listen to my body when it's telling me to take it easy, but the program for the half marathon I am training for is saying otherwise. I'm at the point where I'm like, "Can I just run the race this weekend?" Because I'm scheduled to run ten miles and at that point it's like, what's another three miles, you know? Instead of another five weeks of training?  But that's just the bottoms of my feet talking.

The race I'm running is at Thanksgiving Point on the perfect date: April 25th. (Miss Congeniality? Anyone?) It will be through the Tulip Festival that will be going on and I am SO excited.  I've been wanting to go to that for years and I keep missing it.  But now I will be getting to run 13.1 whole miles through it!! I say that excitedly now, we'll see how I feel around mile 7... I'll probably be like, "TULIPS SUCK." But there are flowers popping up around town right now and I'm loving it. Spring is in the air, people!

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    "TULIPS SUCK" made me lol at my desk. You're killing it, for realz. I want to talk running sneakers with you, because I'm thinking about buying some to display on a shelf in my living room because I'll never end up using them.

    BUT I REALLY WANT TO. I do. It's just that spring hasn't found its way to NY yet. It's supposed to snow this weekend. HELP ME.


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