"They Got a Pepper Bar."

So last night, I spent the night up at my mom's house so that I could spend the evening with my friend Jenessa who is up in Norther Utah for her spring break.  Her mom and my mom were college roommates and a couple years ago our families went to Lake Powell together and we just clicked. We lost touch for a few years, but thanks to the magic of Snapchat our friendship was rekindled last year and she is my best friend again. She lives in Cedar City which is about 4 hours south of me, so any chance I get to see her I will take it.
We went to dinner with my mom, Brenden and John to Texas Whorehouse Roadhouse where upon our arrival, our waitress looked at Jenessa and said, "You just had your birthday, didn't you?" And Jenessa looked a little shocked because her birthday was in fact last week and said, "...yes..." And she said, "uh huh. I could see it on your face." So our little early bird dinner turned into a birthday dinner just like that. And they made her sit on the saddle and everything. So that was weird.

After dinner we set up the slack line while Brenden and Johnny flew their airplanes.  I am SO bad at that thing, but Jenessa killed it.  But she is all into rock climbing and has had her fair share of practice on slack lines at the climbing gym.  My mom was crossing and she was almost to the end when she lost her balance and went down with a lot of speed.  She managed to land on the line and it sling shotted her across the grass.  There was a micro-second where I wanted to ask her if she was ok, but I was absolutely overcome with laughter that I couldn't even squeak a word out.  We had been filming each other all night, and the one time the camera was off, she goes and does that. So I will just cherish the memory of her flying face down across the grass in my mind forever.

We got back to the house where we ate a half a pan of banana cake that is literally to die for (I made it and I couldn't have been more proud) and watched SNL clips on YouTube.  I was trying to find a video I had watched recently and I found all these videos of the old Quiznos commercials. I had been playing them for Landon when we were driving back from Colorado because I saw a Quiznos and started singing the song and he had no clue what I was talking about.  So I asked John if he remembered them and he had never seen them before either.  But he listened to the song once and could play it on his guitar.  Landon wasn't there last night so I was like, "let's film it and send it to him!" So we recreated the masterpiece and sent it off to Landon and we got the immediate response of, "I LOVE IT." And coming from someone who is a lot more reserved with his caps lock than I am, it meant a lot. Then we watched it back like 300 times after, laughing harder each time.  And since I have no shame, I'll post it here for you to watch.  If you don't get it, you may need to YouTube original commercial.  But it's hitting the nail on the head, I'm telling you.


And that- is how we do at the Border house.


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  1. Oh my gosh (laughing/crying emoji inserted here) Such a good evening and I watched that video 8000 times. It's still my favorite.


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