12 miles

You guys. I ran TWELVE MILES last night. This is not a joke. I really did it. My knees are really pissed about it, but I'm really kind of proud of myself.  This is the biggest run I'll have aside from the actual half marathon.  So these next couple weeks I will be dialing it down and putting my body through somewhat of a rest phase before the big day.  And can I say, I've been dreading the 12-miler since day one? And I did it. I crushed it. It was mostly all uphill and part of it was on the highway (that was an accident and Landon is still mad at me about it) and the wind chill absolutely froze me right down to my bones- BUT I DID IT.


I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, but it's because I totally am.  Because I've followed this 10 week training program to a TEE for the last seven weeks, and no one knew I had the will power or dedication to do this.  I'm not kidding. Even I'm surprised.  And now the rest of it is all down hill from here (not literally, unfortunately). 

And now that I have the "big one" out of the way, I can go down to St. George and enjoy my Easter weekend with my family and friends without the thought of having to run 12 miles looming over my head. I'll probably throw a small run in there, but these next few days will be a treat.  

Have a great weekend, y'all! And Happy Easter!


  1. YOU DID IT, YOU ANIMAL! I am so proud of you! I don't think in my life, all the times I have ever "run", would add up to 12 miles. You're amazing! No go enjoy your weekend!

    1. NOW* go.... omg, embarrassing... bye.

  2. I am so impressed right now. Running 12 or more miles sounds like the only thing worse than childbirth.


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