So this weekend, I went down to St. George with Landon and his family for Easter weekend.  Well, I guess it really was just his mom and her bf.  His brother and his wife had to stay home to study for finals.  So Landon and I each brought a friend with us.  We stayed at Reed's (Sunny's man) vacation home down there.  I tell you that place is paradise.  It has this breath taking back yard with a pool and hot tub, palm trees and a koi pond with waterfalls.  It's gorgeous.  And right now is the perfect time to stay in St. George because in the summer it's almost too hot to even be outside.  

Even still, I had to wake up at 6 am to do my run before the sun came up so I wouldn't over heat. Which was actually very lucky for me because I didn't know there was going to be a blood moon and I had the absolute joy of chasing it for four miles.  I felt like I had a piece of Mariah with me for 40 minutes.  She lives for things like blood moons and she would have DIED to see it in all it's glory as it set behind red St. George cliffs. I wish I had gotten a better photo of it than this; it was absolutely mystifying. 


After I got back from my jaunt, we drove into Nevada to take our machines out for a ride.  Landon and his friend Mike on their dirt bikes and Jenessa and I rode in the side by side with Sunny and Reed where I thought I was surely going to die. This?

This was us using all of our strength to keep the beast from tumbling down the mountainside.  Jenessa and I had to hang off the side of it while Reed slowly inched his way around.  We came SO CLOSE to rolling, you guys.  Too close for comfort.  Naturally, I screamed bloody murder the rest of the ride. We got ridiculously stuck almost immediately after this incident, where it took about an hour to get us out.  By the time we were done with our ride I think we all had heat stroke. But we also had a great time.  Next time though, I think I'll bring my dirt bike. (Sorry Jenessa- you're on your own!)

We got back to the house and immediately got in the pool.  And that's where we spent the rest of the weekend.  Getting tan and practicing an Acro Yoga move I saw on a satirical Instagram page.  We perfected it in the living room and then took it poolside where we were somewhat confident I wasn't going to drop Jenessa on the concrete. 
Totally nailed it!! And after trying more of this sort of yoga with my brothers the other day, I'm one hunt to find a legit class where I can learn these things for real, because it is a lot of fun and stupidly difficult for me.

And other than that- the only work we had to do was trying to keep our sunscreen on and keep Shadow out of the pool.  But we all know that's pointless.
I think it should be mandatory that every weekend has that perfect mixture of adrenaline and relaxation.


  1. That looks like the most relaxing and also stressful weekend ever. That nearly-tipping vehicle photo is giving me ANXIETY.


  2. k seriously that looks so relaxing and basically like the best way to spend Easter weekend in the history of EVER

    Lovely Little Rants

  3. One of my favorite weekends ever. So much fun. Seriously thought we were going to die for a moment there. Reed's bloody hand, Landon's heat stroke and Mike's broken bike... But then I had a bag of Sunny's reese's peanut butter cup easter eggs and played in the pool the rest of the day so all was well. We lived happily ever after.


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