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I have been so busy in the last week, I haven't had a chance to sit down and blog some more. Even though I must say that I'm really glad I'm getting back into it. I've missed this place. When I thought back to what I've been up to is past week, I decided to consult my saved Snapchat photos.  Because we all know that Snapchat is literally my favorite form of social media.
As always, running, running and more running.  One of the joys of all this running is getting to interact with the wildlife.// being cultured with chopsticks from Panda Express and my lunch from home that I obviously wish was Panda.// and we sold my little car over the weekend. I got Joanna for my 16th birthday.  I would have had her for 9 years this July. And I was ALL SORTS OF EMOTIONAL.

Painting flower pots became my week night activity. And I planted things this weekend.  Big surprise, I've already killed half of them. This is why I don't have children yet.// the Ultra Music Festival went down last weekend in Miami and I sat in our truck for literally HOURS listening to it on XM. Wanted to be there so bad.// Ran 11 miles on Friday.  I was so proud and happy, but I'm pretty much over it since I have to run 12 today.  My knees are begging me not to, BUT I MUST PREVAIL.

Went to a carnival in Park City that I'm fairly certain was intended for children, did I care? The answer is no. And I left that face paint on ALL DAY.// Josh is a huge JT fan. But aren't we all?// and this is a serious problem. Where is the off button for my nose!? That's pretty disgusting...apologies.


  1. The "JT I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES" is basically me in dog form. I can't tell you how hard I was laughing when I received that.

    That airbursh face paint looks amazing on you, and if I were you, I'd get up an hour earlier every morning and airbrush it on before work in different colors to match my outfit. THINK ABOUT IT.

  2. I was reading my old blog posts and saw you commented on one! Apparently you know my cousin, Kaesi! whaaa!! but anyways, snapchat is only THE best form of social media

  3. The JT one just made me snort my Dr. Pepper. If I still had snapchat I would demand these daily. So please keep posting them.


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