The Man in the Zebra Leggings

So it's official- winter is over here in Utah.  Park City closed up shop til next season on Sunday, but Landon and I made it up for one last day on Saturday.  And we made sure that it would be a day to remember by wearing ridiculous outfits.
Despite the howling winds- it actually wasn't that cold.  And once we actually started snowboarding it got pretty warm.  Landon is sporting a pretty good tan line now.  As you can imagine, I'm sure, we got quite a lot of attention.  Aside from being told I was a boss and the countless cat calls from the chairlift, my favorite was when so snowboarders went past us and I heard one of them say, "That's a hot couple!" 

And you know what? I think we are. I dated a lot of guys before I met Landon. Some were awesome, some were lame, but I think the one of the biggest reasons I fell madly in love with that guy up there is because he was always game for my crazy ideas.  He never said no to me because he thought it was stupid or would be too embarrassed to play along.  I know I take him far beyond the borders of his comfort zone at times, but he never turns me down.  When we were sitting on the chairlift he had his arm around me and said, "Do you know I would probably just be at home playing video games if you didn't have all these crazy ideas?" And I laughed because I would probably be doing the same thing (rerplace video games with Pinterest and Netflix) if I didn't have someone who wanted to come with me.

And not just anybody-
Someone who will wear skin tight zebra leggings and totally own it.



  1. You two are the best! I look forward to following along with a lifetime's worth of your crazy adventures. ZEBRA PANTS AND ALL. :)

  2. If you guys ever decide to nab a sister wife, feel free to consider me.


    Or am I.

  3. I have loved seeing y'all's fun boarding pictures this season! You are the best!

  4. looks like such a fun adventure!


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