No Structure Here.

-I bought five damn pineapples this weekend.  At 99 cents a piece, how could I not?

-I get stuck on certain Pinterest categories days at a time.  Right now, it's quotes.  Sorry if I'm blowing up your homepage with emo/teenager-like love quotes.  I don't know why I love them, but I do.

-Triathlons are about to become my THANG.  Because I'm currently thang-less, and it's stressing me out.

-I need a bike really bad.

-You know- because triathlons require a bike at some point.


-I got a GoPro and now need epic things to do with it.

-Also- I foresee an inevitable need for a selfie stick to use with it.

-It's been raining for two weeks straight and we Utahns have no idea what to do with it.  And while we desperately need it after having such a disappointing winter, it's really effecting my Spring plans.

-I really HATE that Taylor Swift's music isn't on Spotify.

-I haven't posted on instagram in a week and that's really out of the ordinary.

-All my plants I got a few weeks ago are dead because winter made an encore appearance in April and murdered them all.  I'm scared to try again because I feel like it's somehow my fault it started snowing after I planted tomatoes.  Though if that's the case, I'm going to plant tomatoes every week this winter.


-I had a dream about #thedress last night.  And it finally changed to black and blue.  When I woke and checked again it was still white and gold.  This is my cross to bear.

-I don't feel ready for this week.  Can I have one more day to lay around my house eating watermelon watching Iron Chef to prepare for it?


  1. I saw your pineapple snap and was jealous! The cheapest I've seen them around here is 2/$5.

    I want a bike, too! Kelsey and I were talking about road bikes yesterday- she found some at Target for a decent price! The other ones I've seen online are a minimum of $400 and that's too rich for my blood!

    I didn't want to come into work today- it's so nice out and I wish I was home 'laxin, watching old episodes of Friends.

  2. YOOOOO your blog posts never show up in my reader and I'm starting to get really angry about it.

    But for reals, I am on the hunt for a good bike, too! I almost impulse bought this beauty I saw at Target on Sunday. It was $200, though, so I held back. FOR NOW.

    You can borrow my selfie stick whenever you want!!

  3. If you go on Craigslist, there are almost always inexpensive roadbikes, you just need to check your sizing. A bike shop can fit you, or if you feel like a jerk getting them to size you, and then not actually buying a bike, you can probably find a "bike fit" person in your area who can help you find the right size to buy, and then get it fitted properly (which is actually a huge deal), once said bike is acquired.

    Also, I totally hope you start doing triathlons, because the training is a blast, and you get to feel like you constantly have workout ADD.


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