Backyard Weddings and High Heels

So last Friday my cousin got married to the girl of his dreams.  It was so sweet to see them so happy.  It's always great to get together with that side of my family too.  Growing up, those cousins of mine were my very best friends.  As we've grown up we don't see each other nearly as much, so it's always a special treat to be with them.  This isn't even half of us, but it's who we could get to sit still for a photo.

It was a perfect night to spend time with my family.  You know how big of a fan I am of them.

Also, I'm not really that much taller than my mom in real life.  Landon's mom gave me a pair of black heels that were a tad too big on her.  I totally forgot I had them in the truck and I decided to wear them to the wedding.  You all know I don't wear high heels.  But I decided to give them a try because they made my legs look freakishly awesome.  They also put me on the same playing field as these 6'3, 6'4 and 6'5 dudes.  Just looking at this photo we look normal, but man, we towered over the wedding party. haha

And lucky for us, they had a photo booth that we occupied for far too long.  But the photographers told us we were their favorite group of idiots to shoot that night.  So I felt like maybe we accomplished something.  Other than the obvious achievement of walking around six inches higher than I'm used to.

And beside the pure joy I got from breaking my diet to indulge in the Cheetos and root beer float refreshments-  I had a great time matching the hottest guy I know.  Polka dots are clearly our color.

But seriously- I had so many root beer floats.


  1. Um, where I can find men that tall? BECAUSE THEY CERTAINLY AREN'T IN NY.

    You look amazing in these photos! I love the polka dots <33 And the hair <33 And you.

    Okay, I'm done.

  2. Look at you and Landon in your matching polka dots! I love it! Hottest couple I know.

  3. Oh! That’s pretty cool that your mom gave you black heels, even it looks awesome and perfectly match with your polka doted dress. Even next month, my friend has invited me in her wedding ceremony at very beautiful NYC event locations and I don’t have any good pair of heels. Can you please ask your mom from where she bought them? It would be very helpful for me!


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