Still Here.

I promise I haven't given up blogging.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I keep saying, "Go write that down."  And then I wake up from a 2 1/2 hour nap to my dog barking at my next door neighbor smoking outside on our shared porch. And the tv show I was watching on Hulu is five episodes past where I was last conscious because Hulu doesn't check if you're still have a pulse like Netflix does.  But I feel like I've kept a pretty decent streak of blogging at least once a month for the last few months, so before we check out of July I thought I'd make my ever so silent presence in the blogosphere (do people still use that reference?) known.

Not a ton has happened in July.  Except for my Great Grandma's funeral- which I fully intend on writing about still- and my birthday a couple weeks ago.  Landon bought me a mountain bike.  And then bought himself one a week later after we sold our Taylor Swift tickets for a massive profit.  (Don't worry, we are still going to the show.)  So that is our current "thing."  Although I'm not totally great at it yet.  Last month I had intentions to do this race that had three different legs in it and one of the legs was 10 miles of mountain biking.  I TOTALLY underestimated how hard that would have been for me. I didn't end up doing the race because it conflicted with the Dirty Dash and I had already signed up for that.  But boy would I have regretted doing that with no training behind it.  Landon and I have gone on about 5 or 6 rides in the last two weeks, the longest being about 7 1/2 miles and it kicks our BUTT.  I've mapped out a ride for us for tomorrow morning and it's exactly 10 miles with a pretty decent climb, so we'll see how we fair on that.  Meanwhile, I'm sending a shout out to the Dirty Dash for saving me from unknown horrors that day.

But you guys- turns out Landon and I live in the BEST place to be a mountain biker.  I mean, we are SURROUNDED by a mecca of mountain bike trails.  It's an absolute wonder to me that we didn't pick this up years ago.  But we're in the game and loving it so far, even if it does extract some foul language from my mouth at times.  Landon gets concerned and wants to know if I want to turn back and I'm like, "No, I'm having a great time, I swear." (pun truly not intended.)

So yeah.  Mountain biking and pool time.  That's been the extent of my after work schedule and will continue to be for the rest of the summer.  Living the dream over here. *raises proverbial glass*
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