Doing: After work I've had a strict habit of taking off my work jeans, plopping down on the couch, turning on Hulu and falling asleep until Landon walks through the door.  I always plan to work out the second I get home, but then I'm like, "I'm hot, I should drink some cold water so I don't get dehydrated in my work out."  And then I drink/eat a cup full of ice water and I end up shivering, so I curl up in a blanket and figure I'll watch an episode of Modern Family while I wait for my core temp to rise.  And then I inevitably fall asleep.  But as of yesterday- I have started a 13 week training program for another half marathon happening in at the end of October.  And a small part of me wants to do the Thanksgiving Day Half (because of how guilt free I would feast later that day).  And I'm signed up to do the Zion Half next March.  So I've got my work cut OUT for me.

Watching:  As I mentioned above: Hulu.  I've had an account for a couple years solely so I could watch episodes of the Bachelor/ette the next day and other than that I've never actually used it.  Landon told me I had to cancel last month, but he told me that after the payment had gone out so I was like, "We might as well use it for this month..."  And a whole new world of TV shows has opened up to us and it looks like we'll be keeping it at least for a little while longer.  Though I will say this: Hulu will never love me like Netflix because Hulu doesn't ask if I'm still watching.  And I have to sift through all the episodes I slept through everyday.

Eating: All things banana.  I cannot get enough banana right now.  Even this box of Banana Twinkies at the grocery store has been tempting me and I hate Twinkies.  Also, Hermiston Watermelons at Costco.  I'd give up my first born if it meant I had unlimited access to watermelons from Hermiston, Oregon.

Drinking: SO. MUCH. WATER. Because I'm really trying to cut soda mostly out of my life.  Not all together, but maybe like one a week.  In it's place I drink at least a gallon of water most days, and at least half of that is flavored with Strawberry-Orange-Banana Crystal Light.  Along with drinking all this water, I've began to play a game to see how clear I can get my pee.  That's a lot of info, but if you're wondering- most times you wouldn't even know if I used the bathroom and didn't flush because it's that clear.  I'm so damn hydrated.  Also, I thought this was a myth, but my skin has been SO CLEAR. I haven't had a zit in weeks.

Reading: your blogs.  I suck and haven't been commenting as much as I used to.  But I'm contributing in page views.  I'm here, I swear.

Outdoorsing:  MOUNTAIN BIKING.  Going again tonight.  I took Landon to Park City on Saturday and had a 10 mile loop all mapped out for us.  I told him the uphill part was going to be about 3.4 miles long, but because I can't read I missed the part that said it's 5 miles uphill and I thought Landon was going to kill me.  Despite me nearly being the cause for my husband's heart failure, the views and the smell of the trees and just being in the mountains in general was heaven.  I want to go back everyday, but we need to work on Landy's uphill stamina first.  For the record, he kicks my BUTT on the downhill sections.  He has like, 1% self-preservation and I have 100% PLUS I take on his other 99%.  We both have work to do.

Anticipating: Mariah's return.  As of this very moment there is only 134 days, ten hours, 25 minutes and 2 seconds until December 17th.  And I. can't. wait.  I never thought the day would come, I thought I had said goodbye forever.  BUT, the end is near and I am so unbeLIEVably excited to hug her in real life.

Saving for: a (potential) cruise, snowboard season passes, a (potential) trip to Hawaii.  And Landon really wants to put a cold air intake in our new truck, but I personally feel that should come AFTER the rest of the previously mentioned.  You agree, don't you?

Life is good, friends.


  1. I agree on the last point. Hawaii and snowboarding totally take precedence over a new whats-it-called for your truck. I mean... Hawaii. <-- you don't really need to say more than that.

  2. WHITNEY, I swear, yesterday I challenged myself to get my pee clear before noon, and I did. The first pee after my morning coffee is always the worst, and then I also drink ~a gallon of water every day, and if I can get it clear by noon, I feel accomplished.

    YOU'RE WELCOME, INTERNET, for that information.

    I have to work out before I go home or else it would NEVER happen. Also, all of those half marathons?? YOU'RE A MACHINE! I'm so proud! The only time I run is when I'm let loose at a venue and my spot on the rail is at stake.

  3. I change out of my work clothes and crawl onto the couch and don't get up until bedtime. Well that's a bit of a stretch but I have had zero motivation to work out lately. I blame it on the heat. You drink a lot of water! I try to drink 64 oz a day but most days here lately I've been around 50. Cruise for sure over stuff for the truck!

  4. I want a season pass too. It's like living the most luxurious lifestyle ever to have one. I guess there are a bunch of resorts in Northern CA (we're only 2 hours from Tahoe!!!), so I'm crossing my fingers that there's some cheapo locals-only resort.

    Also, working out is a thing of the past for me, and I'm kind of sad about it right now. I am about to turn into a carb, I've eaten so many of them lately.

  5. Ah! You're so cute. I love this. I am addicted to no pants + hulu, too. Me & the hubs should try to cut soda... oops.

    Kayla @


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