Adulting in Moderation

I went to the dentist yesterday.  I made it out without any cavities or cause for much concern, really.  Though- I still find my mouth to be a little sore due to some aggressive last minute flossing.

Stop looking at me like that.

Oh yeah, like you floss everyday.

Anyway, I found myself at the office about 10 minutes early for my appointment, so I walked over to the waiting room where I was faced with beige couches and old magazines, or I could opt for the children's nook.  Which to be honest, is just the floor with couch cushions propped up against the back of the big couch and a small tv screen inside the wall.  For memory's sake, I took up a spot on the floor, grabbed the teddy bears that have been there since I was a child and listened to Christmas music while I waited.

My aunt came into the waiting room to get me, I saw her but she looked around obviously not seeing me on the floor with the bears and was startled when I jumped up from behind the couch.  She laughed and asked me, "Where is the adult?" to which I replied as I hugged her, "Not in here!"

So, I had to make a tally before I left to see where I stood as a responsible adult:

Yes, I chose to sit on the floor with the old toys while I waited.
No, I don't floss nearly as much as I should.
BUT- I drove myself to the appointment, obviously brush my teeth enough to not have cavities, AND I have my own dental coverage.

I think I come out ahead when it comes down to it.

We won't talk about how when I got home I ate Taco Bell in bed and fell asleep watching youtube for 2 1/2 hours.  And then I woke up just in time to go to a sports bar to get pizza and watch Monday Night Football with Landon.

How cute is he?


  1. THE BILLS!!

    I love that you went to a place called "Maxwell's East Coast Eatery" to watch the Bills game <33 Why are you guys so far away?? We really need to plan your next NY visit-- and my visit to Utah, of course.

    Congrats on no cavities, and for being all sorts of adult like!

  2. When I saw that teddy bear in your snap story, I was wondering whether you brought it for yourself, or it was there already. Either way, knowing you, it was believable.

    Probably a year ago I took a screen shot of one of your snaps from the dentist-- it's you and your mom holding a giant plush shark and the caption is "WE ALL HAVE CAVITIES". I literally look at it every time I'm feeling like I need a pick-me-up. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.


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