I'm That Person

You guys.... Something happened last night between 11:00 PM and 5:34 AM when I got up this morning...

Yep.  I'm being that person who is posting about snow.  And everyone is all, "Why is everyone so surprised? It snows in the winter."  Except last winter it DIDN'T, okay?  Remember?  It was 70 degrees in February?!  So getting 10 inches of snow in a matter of 6 or so hours is a BIG DEAL to this girl. Especially when this girl got a snow day from work because the roads were too treacherous and there in no way anyone wants asphalt on a day like this.  So this girl is bundled up and headed to Park City for an epic day of snowboarding, because who doesn't love a little powder for breakfast?


  1. I AM SO JEALOUS. It's been in the 60s and 70s here when we usually have snow. I AM GRIEVED.

  2. I saw your instagram video, and was SO JEALOUS! Powder is the best breakfast - and cardio!

  3. The fact that we have had ZERO snow accumulation in Upstate NY in mid-December is alarming to me. The world is FOR SURE ending, and this is the first sign of it. I hope you enjoyed your day on the slopes!!!


    I'm only okay with snow until Jan. 1 and Mother Nature is really holding out on me this year.

    I'm glad you go to get out on the slopes! (is that what kids are calling it these days???)


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