I don't know if I ever really talked about how we got my little dog, Joshua.  I know I've put pictures of him on this blog a couple times, but I never told the story.  So I think I will tell you now.  Because it's my blog and also because I don't feel like telling you about how I worked out and cleaned more of my house yesterday. BO-RING.

It was about midway through October last year,  we were up in Layton with my family and John's family was in town visiting.  We were busy the whole weekend, but amidst all of our activities we needed to stop at Petsmart to get my family dog, Tukae, some dog food really fast.  It turned out to be Adoption Day at the location we were at and while my mom was inside buying dog food, the rest of us were browsing the animals that lined the side walk.  Some were on leashes, some were in kennels. The cutest ones were in the arms of the squealing children with parents taking a million iPhone pictures.  We walked all the way to the end, smiling and petting all of them,  and reading their bios.  At the very end of the line, I saw Josh.  He was in a kennel looking very lost and afraid and there were no admiring children or to be found sticking there fingers through the wires or asking to pet him. The lady next to him was fussing over some paper work, and I had to ask her to tell me his story.  She glanced back at him and said, "Oh! This is Joshua!  He is a purebred Pekingese, he is about six years old, we think.  He is house trained and great with people."  I asked how he ended up in foster care and she told me he belonged to an old lady who had two dogs who had to be put in a nursing home and was only able to take one dog with her.  I looked at Josh and my heart shattered into a million pieces.  You could tell he had been well taken care of.  You could tell he had had a good home.  And I began to understand why his lost eyes were searching the crowd.  He missed his family.  He missed his home.  And now he was being passed around foster families and being kept in kennels until someone would consider taking him home.  Turns out I was that someone.  I knew Josh needed to come home with Landon and me and be a part of our family.  I asked her if I could pet him and she enthusiastically told me I could hold him and walk him around too. (it's fine.  I'm crying right now.)

I called Landon over to come look at him.  He laughed at his buggy eyes and squished nose and almost turned away before I caught his arm and said, "We are getting this dog."  He turned back to look at Josh and then looked at me and asked if I was serious.  I told him I was.  I turned to the lady and said, "We can't take him today because we are staying with family.  But can I get your information and I will come get him later this week?"  Her eyes were so happy as she scribbled her phone number down on a card and told me we were going to love him.

Three days later, Landon and I were driving to Ogden to get him.  My grandma had given us a couple hundred dollars when we moved into our house and told us to spend it on something for the house and it would be her house warming gift to us.  When I called to tell her we spent the money on a small dog that had the same name as her youngest child, she laughed and laughed.  We pulled up in front of this shady-looking thrift shop tucked behind a Burger King and I double-checked the address to make sure we had ended up at the right place.  We walked through the glass doors to find what I assumed would be the next episode of Hoarders.  There was so much junk crammed into this little store that there were trails made through it.  We followed the maze up to the cash register where I found the lady we had talked to at Petsmart.  She lit up and told us she would be right back with Josh.  She weaved through the pathways to a door in the back where she brought Josh out on a red leash and a red bandanna tied around his neck.  We paid the fees and she told us, "If for any reason he doesn't end up working out- whether is be now or years down the road, please bring him back to us.  Don't take him to the pound or the Humane Society."  We promised we would if it ever came to that, but we didn't think it would and we walked him out the doors.

It's been just over a year now that he has been with us.  And I feel like it's only been the last two or three months that he has finally understood that we are his family and that he won't be passed off again.  I don't know how long he had been in foster care, but it definitely took a lot longer than I would have expected for him to really warm up to us.  The journey has been worth it though.  And I feel like we've really accomplished something by earning his love and trust.  For months and months he wouldn't even sit on the couch with us.  He had his little bed on the floor that he would stay in and we could get on the ground to pet him, but he wasn't into snuggling.  I thought about that as I was trying to foam roll my quads yesterday and he was trying to hard so get me to pet him by sticking his head under my arm and getting up in my face.  It made me laugh and I picked him up and hugged him.  And now he makes his place on the couch right in between us.

He definitely is a quirky little animal.  He doesn't like a lot of human food like most dogs.  If we drop something on the floor while cooking, often times he will smell it and walk away.  He sit like a cat where his legs are underneath him and it looks like he doesn't have legs.  He LOVES to be outside. When we take him outside to go potty, he doesn't just go once, he has to pee just a little bit on every tree we walk past.  He doesn't beg, but he will sit up on his hind legs and stare you down.  He is amazing with kids big and small.  My niece Abby loves him, while she is still weary of Shadow.  And even though most people make fun of how he looks, whenever they meet him they absolutely fall in love with his sweet, calm nature.

He really is the perfect dog for Landon and me in our little home.  I'm so glad our paths crossed so we could make him a part of our family.


  1. JOSH!! Such a cutie!!! This is such a sweet story.

    I miss your Shadow snaps-- I NEED MORE OF THEM!

    1. ALSO, I'm back here to say that I forgot to comment yesterday and tell you that animals with traditionally human names is one of my favorite things in the world. I once went to a petting zoo in Vermont and the employee walking with us around the place said "this is Colleen" and I turned around and realized he was talking about a sheep. It was one of the best moments of my life.

  2. That is so sweet and adorable, and gives me all the feels, since our Gunner was passed around to so many homes before ours. Those sweet rescue dogs can definitely have their little quirks, but they are so darned lovable!


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