Nitro World Games

This is one of those I-have-the-best-husband-ever posts.  Just so you know. BUT IT'S BECAUSE I DO, OKAY?!  So you guys know I'm into the extreme sports, and that Travis Pastrana is my hero and I (insta)stalk him and his wife and two little girls on the daily. Well, yesterday he announced on Instagram that they were going to be holding the first Nitro World Games right here in Salt Lake City next July. The reason being was that Nitro Circus was started here in Salt Lake and they kind of wanted to commemorate that by holding the first games here.  Listen, I've been obsessed with Nitro Circus since they started back in 2006.  The whole production and Travis himself are a couple of the main reasons I took so hard to dirt biking.  They were here in Salt Lake doing the Nitro Circus World Tour a couple weeks ago, but due to schedule conflicts I wasn't able to make it.  And I whined about it for weeks.  But yesterday when I saw the first Nitro World Games were headed our way (on my birthday weekend!!) I had to tag Landon in the comments immediately.

My comment was said somewhat jokingly, but I did have every intention of attaining them at some point in the next seven months, but not 15 minutes later I got that text from Landon and I screamed and screamed all by myself in my bedroom.  And may or may not have jumped on the bed a little, resulting in a painful bruise from the corner of the bed frame.  IT WAS WORTH IT. Because the tickets are in the VIP section and we even get to tour the track and things before the show.

So, yeah.  He is the best.

And I'm gonna need July 16th to be like, tomorrow.


  1. What a guy that Landon is!!! And I LOVE how his name is saved into your phone. I need a backstory.

  2. Ditto Kelsey on Landon's name! And THAT IS SERIOUSLY AWESOME. I don't even understand what a Nitro Circus is, but I'm excited for you!


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