Santa Shreds

Ah, you guys.  This snow is a dream.  A dream, I tell you!! I did have to go to work today.  The roads, though still a total mess, were actually drivable.  I was greeted by two feet of the stuff at the front door and I wasn't and am still not even mad as I watch it gently fall outside my window.  Yesterday was so great, I'm in a permanent good mood.  Nothing is better than hitting the resort first thing after a big storm.
Especially on a Monday when the majority of the crowds has to go to work.  There were still a lot of people there, but nothing like the masses that show up on a Saturday.  So I stayed until my legs couldn't make another carve and I had to hobble back to my truck.  I actually ended up following what I'm guessing was the real Santa Claus down the mountain.  If any of you were wondering, Santa is a snowboarder, and he totally shreds.
It was such a nice addition to my busy weekend.  We had our company Christmas party in the hospitality suite at the Jazz game.  The food was delicious, and the alcohol was free flowing.  Especially after the game when everyone was trying a cocktail of Crown and Tabasco sauce.  The very smell of it made me want to throw up. But I enjoyed watching everyone else knock it back.  I got up early to go running Saturday morning so I could come back home and freeze Landon out of bed with my icicle legs so we could go boarding.  The conditions were not nearly as good as yesterday.  They don't have a lot of lifts or runs open and there are so many people there on the weekends that we only stayed a couple hours.  Plus, it was FREEZING.  We went home with every intention to clean house, but ended up ordering pizza and watching Netflix all afternoon.  And we don't regret a second of it, because the cleaning got done after Landon's family Christmas party on Sunday.  I actually had to work on Sunday because somehow we landed a paving job in the middle of the December at the airport and they were trying to get it finished before this storm hit.  We still have like, 700 tons left to pave, but it's going to take awhile to get all that snow pushed aside to finish it. But we had an incredible lunch at my in-law's.  After years of complaining, Landon and Skyler finally got their way and their mom didn't bake a ham, but instead made a ton of ribs.  I gotta say,  I'd far prefer the ribs as well.  After we all had food babies, we climbed in our vehicles and drove to Midway for family photos.  And I'm in love with them.  So here, enjoy the pictures I'm thrusting upon you against your will.

Those are just a few of the literal hundreds we took.  I am obsessed with Josh in a sweater and I'm obsessed with my little niece.  I'm not one for babies because they kind of terrify me, but boy do I adore that little thing.  And how she had to shock the pants off me when she was looking all around Sunny's house on Sunday calling, "Josh? Josh? Josh?"  Because she loves him.  And he loves her.  And oh my gosh, Abby knows Josh's name and I almost cried.  

Oh! And we simply cannot forget the furriest one of them all.  The one who mowed Kenyon down in attempt to get a stick he was holding because apparently it was the most important stick in the world.
He is the sweetest, cuddliest, most handsome bull in a china shop you ever met.  And I love him.


  1. I ALSO ADORE JOSH IN A SWEATER. OMG, he is so cute. And so are the rest of you. Beautiful photos!!! You guys look amazing.

    <3 SHADOW!! <3

  2. We took our engagements at that barn! Hahah. Ugh you guys are cute.

  3. I know I said this earlier today, but I have such a crush on your life. Every time I see a picture of you, it makes me want to put my cookie down and go for a run.

  4. Dude. Who would've known that Santa shreds? Also, you and that little family of yours... it's pretty awesome stuff.


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