Spring Cleaning in My Brain

I've finally gotten the bug back this week and felt the need to blog.  But today, I've got jumbled thoughts in my head that don't really amount to a solid topic.  So, I'm going to do what we all do best and just throw it all up in a post and just make space in this brain of mine.

Here we go.

I'm almost positive that the attendants at the gas station I go to every morning haven't charged me for my refill of Diet Dr. Pepper for the last few weeks.  I mean, I fill the cup all the way to the top with ice first, so I'm really not even getting that much pop, but I still don't mind paying the dollar for it.  But, I've noticed more times that one that they only charge me for the muffins I get.  We're pretty good buddies since I go in most mornings, and even last week I had my drink and muffins at the checkout counter, but they were outside on a smoke break and the dude poked his head in the door and said, "I got you today! Have a good Thanksgiving!"  I mean- how nice is that?!  I love them.

I finally went to get my wedding ring sized the other day.  I've basically been holding it on my hand with my middle and pinky finger for the last year and a half after losing so much weight.  But for some reason, driving 8 miles down the road from my work seemed like too much of a hassle and I'd rather risk losing my diamond than taking 30 minutes out of my day and going down there.  But the other morning, I was inspecting the ring and saw all the crap in the nooks and crannies and realized the white gold was fading and probably needed to be re-dipped and it was probably best to stop tempting fate and get it sized to fit my finger again.  So I went in, got resized from a 5 3/4 down to a 4! The chick was shocked and said, "I can't believe it hasn't flown off your hand!"  And I said, "Oh. It has.  Many times."  But now, it's so tiny that it struggles getting over my knuckle even though it fits like a dream on my finger.  I get a twinge of claustrophobia when I try to take it off and it puts up such a fight.

Which brings me to the question of: Do any of you get jewelry induced claustrophobia?  Because I can be in a crowded room and have people all around me and that doesn't bother me.  Really, the only tight spaces that bother me are caves, and only when I feel like I wouldn't be able to turn around.  Other than that? I'm fine.  But when I can't get a necklace or bracelet clasp undone or a ring is stuck on my finger, I legit start panicking.  Like, let's break out the jaws of life STAT! Who's with me on this? Anyone?

Last night I put tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil on sliced eggplant (inserts eggplant and smirking emoji) and tried to pretend it was the same as the buffalo chicken pizza Landon was eating right next to me.  It wasn't.  It was good.  But it wasn't pizza.  I'll be having it for lunch today with the quinoa(!) dish I made the other night.  I think it will all taste a lot better when there isn't some right beside me eating carbs on carbs.

Speaking of quinoa, I've been avoiding it since I started losing weight even though I knew it was really healthy because it looks like fish eggs and I was sure I wasn't going to like it.  Despite everyone I knew who ate it telling me it was actually really good.  But I finally bit the bullet the other night and cooked some up with some mushrooms, spinach, garlic and green onions.  And guess what.  It was delicious. Cheers to me trying new things.

Josh got a haircut last night.  Josh my dog.  You remember him.  He is a pekingese and sheds like no other.  Like, the vacuum is constantly out and I had lint rollers in ever room so I just wanted to get him shaved.  But the lady talked me out of it because his beautiful coat he has right now would apparently never grow back.  She told me she would do all this stuff to treat the shedding and if I still was unhappy she would shave him.  He looked so handsome when she was done and I was glad she talked me out of it.  AND I got him a sweater and I think that will hold some fur in place too.  Also, this sweater has a hood that I love and he is unsure of.  It's great.

ughh. I love that animal.


  1. I'm leaving a comment partially because your "no need to stalk in silence" lol. I very much understand the claustrophobia when a ring is too tight. And if there's any struggle, your finger starts to swell, and thats when the panic sets in. I have missed reading your blog.

  2. Jewelry-induced claustrophobia is REAL! Whenever my ring feels stuck I completely panic and break into a sweat.

  3. Remember when I lost my engagement ring from wal-mart in the fridge for a week and Ammon almost left me? I know how you feel about trying to keep too big rings on, but it is SO MUCH BETTER than trying to get a well fitting ring past the knuckle. That is the worst thing in the world.

    Also, I commend you for trying to eat fake pizza when others are eating real pizza. That's some dedication to the cause of flat abs right there.

  4. Totally get the jewelry claustrophobia thing. I'm kind of trying to catch my breath just thinking about it right now. .....thanks, haha.
    Oh a happier note, I love you and I'm glad you're blogging again. I missed it. And you. I missed your blog and you. The End.


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