Thanksgiving in Island Park

So, Thanksgiving. That happened.  Ate so much food that the teensiest bit of abs that were starting to show on my stomach are long gone.  I haven't shaved my legs in a month.  It didn't start as a solidarity to No Shave November, but ended up being a happy coincidence I just ran with it.  But two days into December and I've yet to put a razor to them.  Landon just loves it *sarcasm font* and refers to my legs as Spee-ider and Arachnis Deathicus.  How's that for a pet name?

But Thanksgiving was good. We (Landon's family and I) went up to Island Park in Idaho. I know.  I hadn't heard of it either.  Really, I 've found the only humans who know where that is are the people who have been there.  It's nestled up in the mountains about 30 minutes outside of West Yellowstone and it is seriously breath taking up there.  One because the scenery is beautiful, and two because it is so. freaking. cold.  But it only snowed the night that we drove up there and it was blue bird the rest of the time we were there.

I snapped these photos on my phone while I was out running. (That's right. I am training for another half, so I have to run during holidays.  And my abs STILL disappeared.)  The first one I was trusting a frozen lake probably more than I should have and the second was in the yard of a different cabin that had humans inside and I tried to be so sneaky about sliding through their property to take pictures of their firewood.  Let's be honest though, I'm not graceful and the snow hadn't been shoveled.  I'm sure they noticed the 6'0 human-Bambi-on-ice in their front yard.

We stayed in this cozy cabin complete with an (electric) wood burning stove and a hot tub on the deck.  So despite it literally being 3 degrees outside, we were all kinds of toasty the whole week through.  (Don't worry. I kept my spee-ider legs to myself in the hot tub.)

We only left the cabin once to go watch Kenyon in a cross country ski race in West on Friday.  Other than that we only ventured off the property to go for runs (worst idea in those temps) and little walks to get pictures of the cutest little meep (my niece, Abby) you ever did see:
heart eyes emoji for daysssss
To keep ourselves busy in the cabin we played pool, foosball, cards, ate all of the food and watched football and all six Stars Wars over the course of four days.  It was so relaxing and harder than we thought it would be to pack up and peace out that Sunday.  Though, I can't say that I think Landon was heartbroken that I wasn't going to make him take his coat off for pictures and hold snow in his bare hands anymore.
He is so sweet to play along with all my stupid ideas.  That- or he fears the Arachnis Deathicus.


  1. So pretty! And I would say Landon's sacrifice with the snow pictures was well worth it.

    Running in the cold is the WORST. Especially when your butt freezes and goes numb. Hang in there girl, that PR you are chasing will be well worth it!

  2. I'm just going to assume that my invite was lost in the mail. No hard feelings, guys, really.

    You guys always do fun things in the prettiest places and I'm super jealous. This might make the top of that list.

    And, I can't believe I'm saying this, but can you send some of that snow my way? I'm sure I'll take that back REAL SOON.


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