To-Do Lists and Painful Goodbyes

Ahhh, it's Friday.  The best day of the work week.  The day where we're like, "Just need to get through today, and then I'm going to party the whole weekend through!"  And then we get home and turn on Netflix and accidentally fall asleep by 6:30.  Just me? Okay.  And I actually have to work on Sunday, so I only get half of a weekend.  But that's fine.  Overtime is my friend and working on the weekend at my job (at least right now in the off season) is hardly work at all.

But I'm looking back on this week as a fairly productive one.  I've had a to-do list a mile long and I have actually completed at least half of it.  I need to complete the other half before Mariah gets home- IN SIX DAYS.  That list includes:

-unpacking my clothes from Thanksgiving weekend
-putting away a months worth of folded laundry
-going running REALLY early tomorrow so I can spend more time snowboarding
-organizing my guest bedroom
-making a "Welcome Home" poster
-finding an outfit for family pictures

And I think that is about it.  I can check off most of those today and tomorrow.  Probably more tomorrow since tonight we are going to a Jazz game with my work.  It's in the suites where they feed you delicious food all night and you get to look down on the rest of the peasants from up high in cushy seats.  I've been looking forward to it all week.  Especially because I've been eating so healthy is preparation for my cheat meal.  I even stayed away from a Christmas party last night because I didn't want to waste a cheat meal on that.  Instead, I went for a run in gale-force winds and thawed my extremities in the hot tub afterward.  I also had to do my phone call with my health coach while in the hot tub, which made the call very echo-y and when I told Thomas (my health coach) that was why, he laughed a lot harder than I was anticipating.

I've been doing these health coaching sessions because they are a free service provided by my work.  I was really doing it because if you participate, you earn points for every convo and can be entered in a raffle at the end of the year.  You only had to do four calls, but I've continued with it because I have enjoyed the accountability and praise I get from old Tom Tom. JK, I don't call him Tom Tom.  And I don't think he is old.  But last night he told me he was being transferred to a different department and wouldn't be coaching for Granite anymore and I was legitimately sad about it.  I mean, we've only talked like six times, and each call is literally about ten minutes long, so we're really just a couple a strangers, I don't know what I'm so sad about.  It's just- he's taught me so many things.  He taught me that telling a stranger how much you weigh on a bi-weekly basis isn't so painful after the 4th or 5th time.  He's the one who made me try quinoa and I love it now!  And....he hasn't really taught me much more than that...I already knew everything else, but it was nice to have him check up on me.  I'll be sad to say goodbye.  I think- maybe I will call him Tom Tom next time.  See what he does.

Anyways.  You guys have a good weekend.  I'm sure I'll be back on Monday with SO MANY pictures.  Because that's how I do.



  1. YAY WEEKEND omg. I have half a weekend, too but I'm still like TGIF haha k so fun a Jazz game with your work?!?! LUCKY!! I wish my work took us to Suns games. That would be the best! Also I wish snowboarding were on my to-do list haha that's like the best/ most fun to do list I've ever seen, fyi because SNOWBOARDING. :) Have a great weekend and go Jazz! yay!

  2. Have a great weekend! I always live for Friday night and then at about 9:00 I'm ready to call it a night lol!

  3. I'm pretty jealous of your weekend plans, box seats to anything sound pretty incredible. Also, quinoa is pretty much my favorite, and it still amazes me that you hadn't tried it before now. Also, you're awesome. Period.


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