It's today, you guys.  Mariah is on a plane home as I type this.  In 13 hours, she will be here in Utah.  And I- am losing my mind.  Which isn't saying too much right now because I've come down with quite the cold, so my brain is a little foggy and I can't breathe through my nose.  So last night when Landon was like, "Are you so excited that Mariah is coming home tomorrow?"  And I was able to wheeze, "I'm so exciiiitteeeddd..."  And he was like, "That's like, the least excited I've seen you for the last few months."  Basically, this is a perfect description of our exchange:
But, I'm up and at 'em (kind of) this morning.  I made it into work and I'm just trying to will myself to get better before 8:20 tonight.  If it means taking all of the cold medicine I can find, then so be it.  Because I'll be doing cartwheels tonight regardless.


  1. Ahhh! I remember when she left! SO excited for you. Feel better, dude.

  2. "Cartwheels. Am I not doing them?" I AM DYING. That is one of my favorite episodes of Parks EVER. EVER. Thank you for referencing that moment.

    I AM SO HAPPY MARIAH IS HOME!! Enjoy your weekend together!!! <3

  3. I know she's back now, but I was so excited for you Thursday night. Your instagram picture was so sweet.


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