What I Did This Weekend

Ahhh, the weekend updates.  How I've missed these.  You guys, I love that I have the itch to blog again.  I don't know why it left me last year, but I'm glad it's back.  I listen to Hank and John Green's podcast, Dear Hank and John, and someone asked about how they could help inspire their husband to write more because he was such a great writer but never did anything.  And they told her that it wasn't something you could force.  It was something he needed to want to do and the lightbulb clicked.  It wasn't long after I heard that that I've been wanting to blog again.  And here I am.  Not forcing myself, just finding myself at my keyboard ready to type.  Feels good.

ANYWAY.  Back to the weekend update, because I know you're all DYING to know.  It was a great weekend.  Friday, I came home with a list a million miles long of things I needed to get done.  Our house is a disaster, I needed to work out, we're a solid week into December and I have wilting gourds and Thanksgiving decorations still up, I need to break out the Christmas decorations before I miss it.  Even with all of that to do, I walked through the door on Friday, put on my pajamas and vegged out for the entirety of the night.  It felt like the right thing to do after a long week and I knew I had to work on Sunday so in essence I was just rearranging my veg time.

I made up for it by waking up at 7 am on Saturday to do my workout I missed before I dragged Landon out of bed to go snowboarding.  And by "dragged" I mean I made him breakfast in bed, snuggled with him, scratched his back and finally got him out of bed by 10 o'clock.  We made it to the Canyons around 11 and boarded for a couple hours.  It was a gorgeous, blue bird day, which in theory is desirable, but right now Utah is desperate for some snow storms.  According to the forecast, we might just get lucky this week. #PRAYFORUTAH  Again, they only had a couple lifts going, but the crowds weren't unbearable like a couple weeks before and we got about six runs in.

Once we left, Landon told me that we were going to Orem that afternoon to buy me some new running shoes.  He told me the reason my feet were hurting was because I had run my shoes to death and if I was serious about training for this half marathon coming up that I needed to quit being stingy and go get some new ones.  I've had $300 of birthday money I've been saving since July and it has been burning a hole in Landon's pocket the entire time and he finally found something he could talk me into spending some of it on.  I read an article about how to tell if you needed new running shoes and I knew some of the symptoms, one being the number of miles you put on them (you should retire them if you've put 300-500 miles on them) among other tell tale signs.  I had an idea in my head of how many miles I've ran in these shoes, but I decided to pull up my running app and check how many miles I've logged n that in the last year.  Are you ready for this? 695.9 miles. In the last 11 months.  And that doesn't include any of the miles I did on a treadmill because that app tracks based on GPS.  So in all reality, I'm probably close to 800 miles.  I was like, "Yeah. Okay.  Let's go get me some new shoes."  I got some Asics that are amazing.  I woke up early so I could bust out a few miles before work and it's insane the difference it makes.  My poor Sauconys had been run to death.  And I was wondering why my heels were starting to hurt again.  Sheesh.

I had to work a half day yesterday and then we drove up to Layton to see my cousin get awarded his Eagle badge in the Boy Scouts.  That was a really cool presentation and I am blown away at how grown up my little cousins are getting.  Does that mean I am grown up?? Impossible.

But yeah.  That was my weekend.  It definitely felt busier than it sounds.  This weekend is gonna be a killer too, but after that?  After that Mariah comes home and I've cleared my entire schedule to be with her and do whatever the heck she wants to do. Dah! I can't wait.


  1. I have been wanting to listen to John and Hank Green's podcast-- do you love it?? Tell me all about it!!

    I CANNOT BELIEVEEEEE it is time for Mariah to come home. I am SO SO SO excited for you!!! :)

  2. GOOD new shoes are like nothing else in the world when you're a runner. It's almost as good of a feeling as what you get the first time you take your boots off after your first day back on the slopes (though I will never know anything else quite like that feeling). 800+ miles is legit! Get it, girl!


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