Well, you guys?  I'm sitting here at my desk, just- exhausted.  Emotionally and technologically.  Yesterday, an event occurred which I will now refer to as: Applegeddon.  I made a huge mistake and my world iPhone came crashing down on me.  I will tell you my tale, so that maybe in the future, it will save you from making the same grave mistake.

I recently got a new iPhone 6s Plus when they were released late last year.  I sprung for the 128 gig because with my 32 gig 5s I had to download my pictures to my computer monthly to free up space.  Out of habit, I plugged my phone into my laptop yesterday to purge my photos even though I have a luxurious 85 gigs remaining.  I just wanted to tidy up a bit in my camera roll, but at the same time not delete things forever.  So after I had dumped my photos, organized them in iPhoto and deleted a portion of them off my phone I decided I wanted to put some music on there.  That music being Taylor Swift since she is the unicorn that cannot be found on Spotify.  Well, this was the first time I had plugged this phone into iTunes and a notification popped up on my screen saying something along the lines of, "Would you like to restore Whitney? Or set up as a new iPhone?"  Now- I get a notification daily telling me how many weeks it has been since I backed up my iCloud, and I always ignore because my phone is backed up on my computer (or so I thought) and I don't want to pay for more iCloud storage.  So when it asked me that I figured "Whitney" was my 5s I had backed up, so I chose that. HOW WRONG I WAS.  I left my office to do some work really quickly and I came back to find my iPhone WIPED and restored with all the information that exists on my old iPod Touch.  My iPod TOUCH, you guys.  From 2013.  All of my Photos- gone.  My apps- complete disarray.  I sat there, dumbfounded.  I looked at my co-worker and stumbled over the words as I tried to explain to him what I had just done.  I wasn't in a complete panic because I had literally just uploaded all of my photos to my computer so those weren't really lost.  But I went to text Landon about it and came to find ALL OF MY CONTACTS MISSING. And that was when I started to panic.  I had my photos, yes, but all of my contacts were gone.  All of my notes that I had saved on Notepad- done-zo.  There were so many other things besides photos that I realized were valuable to me and I had wiped them from existence! Apparently, I had nothing worth saving stored on my iCloud. No thing.

My co-worker and I started Googling furiously to find a solution, but we both knew-we knew what I had done.  And then it hit me.  I still had my iPhone 5s in my purse because I've been meaning to wipe it clean and sell it in the classifieds.  It still had everything besides the last two months on it.  THERE WAS HOPE!  I ran to my truck and dug my little phone from the bottom of my purse.  I ran back in and sat very still in front of my lap top.  I was afraid.  This was my only chance and I was so scared I was going to do the exact thing I had done to my 6s.  We Googled some more until we were sure of what we had to do.  I slowly plugged my 5s in, I removed the check mark from "Restore iCloud" and clicked "Computer Backup." And watched silently, not moving a muscle as it backed up the information on my 5s to my iTunes.  I then, plugged in my 6s and asked it to restore latest back up and my phone lit up with a familiar screen saver.  My apps were back in order.  All of my contacts I had on my phone before and MORE were there.  We did it.  We dug my phone out of it's grave.  I nearly cried.

After much rejoicing, I looked down at my new Apple Watch I had gotten for Christmas and realized it wasn't paired with my phone anymore.  It didn't shock me and I went into my bluetooth settings to repair it.  Only, my watch wasn't showing up in my bluetooth.  I went to the app and opened the "pair" screen and it wouldn't sync.  I was confused and annoyed and I continued to fiddle with it until I finally Googled how to fix that as well.  The only answer I could find on the internet was to erase the settings and reset it.  Now, I have only had it for 2 1/2 weeks and I really don't have a lot saved on it other than all of my work outs and runs I've been on since I got it, but that stuff is important to me! I didn't want to lose the better half of a month's information I'd logged!  By this point, my day at work had come to a close and I decided to leave it for later and try to unwind after all the stress I'd been through in the past two hours.  When I got home, I thought it had finally synced up with my phone because it was showing the weather again, but apparently it was only because I was on wifi and I didn't figure that until this morning. I went for a run, grabbed some dinner, binged on some New Girl episodes with Landon and dragged myself to bed.  Well, this morning I realized I wasn't actually paired up with my phone and watch and I finally decided to ask Apple for help instead of Google.  I got set up in a chat with a man named "Bill."  He was kind and listened to my tales of woe and told me he would try to help me.  After asking me to try different things with no success, it came to this:
I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that resetting it was my only option, so I wasn't shocked or upset.  Besides, it was only 2 1/2 weeks of info I was losing, not years worth.  And I think Bill was happy that I wasn't one of those impossible angry customers who blame him for every problem they have ever had and their parent's divorce.  I've worked customer service, I know what that is like.  I thanked him for his help and proceeded to reset my watch.  In the grand scheme of the past 20 hours, I think I came out ahead.  When things decided to go bad- they went well.  And like a phoenix, I have risen from the ashes.  And in the words of Schmidt from New Girl:

"Without ash to rise from, a phoenix would just be a bird getting up."


  1. Whitney, god love you, you have the best outlook on everything in life. I need to be more like you. This post was a ride from beginning to end. And I'm SURE Bill got just as big of a kick out of you as I do. I'm sure you made his day!!!


    1. Also that Schmidt quote gave me the craziest fit of giggles just now. This post also reminds me of my other favorite Schmidt quote.. "Can we just take a moment to celebrate me?"

  2. Everything Kelsey said. You kill me and I love you so much. This post took me on an emotional rollercoaster.

    SCHMIDT FOREVER. "Youths! Street Youths!"

  3. Nearly the same thing happened to me when I had to do a factory re-set on my phone a few months ago. We thought all of my contacts were backed up to google - they weren't, and I lost ALL of the contacts in my phone. It was tremendously upsetting. I'm glad you had a way to restore so much of your data!


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