Back to School

As I mentioned yesterday, Landon and I are back in school.  We are taking online classes from Weber State University where my dad teaches and the rest of my family has gone.  Landon and I are going to get our degrees in Professional Sales.  That was not my original plan when I started going to school 7 years ago, but that plan took an unexpected turn and ended up not being the path I wanted to take.  I've been standing on uncertain ground as to which path I did want to take for the last few years, but the clock is ticking so I've decided to go the way I am because I think this degree will open a lot of different opportunities for me.  I can also do virtually the entire degree online, I can keep my current job, stay in Midway, my dad will be able to help me a lot along the way because he teaches this program, Landon and I are taking the exact same classes, AND my tuition is all but free.  So here we go.

Honestly, I'm excited.  I have had a lot of people asking me why I'm going into this if it isn't my passion.  And I don't ever really have an answer for them because as far as a career path goes I haven't quite figured out what my passion is, exactly.  Aside from all those reasons I just mentioned above, I think Sales is a pretty versatile field to go into.  What career out there doesn't have something to do with sales?  And even if I don't get a job as a salesperson, which to be honest I really hope I don't, I will be learning people skills, customer service skills, negotiating, marketing, problem solving, psychology and so many other things that I think will transfer to just about anything I could want.  At least for right now, anyway.  And if down the road I figure out something else that I want to do that requires additional education, I can always go back to school, right? Right.

And I lose the family discount when I turn 30, so now is the time to go back.


  1. I think you're making a really smart decision - picking something that is widely applicable can be so much more helpful in the long run over a highly specialized degree. Good for you!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU, WHIT!! This is so exciting! And you're right- all businesses, no matter what type of business they are, have some kind of marketing/sales aspect to them. They need to! Business degrees are SO versatile. Trust me, I was an English major, and my degree is not as marketable as they made me think it was in 2008. If I could re-do college, I would definitely be a computer science and/or business major. Mostly because the school of business computer lab at Siena (where I went to school) was amazing and I wish I could have spent more time in there. WHATEVER.

    So happy for you!

  3. Get it, Whitney! You are going to be amazing at whatever it is you choose to do. Also, I'm so glad you're blogging regularly again!


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