When You Don't Waste Your Wednesday

I'm lucky to be alive this morning after the most treacherous commute thus far into the winter.  My alarm went off and the weather said it was snowing, but when I looked out my window it was not.  I should have listened to the app though, and left early because when I got on the freeway it turned into an absolute whiteout.  The plows weren't out yet, you couldn't see the road, cars are wrecked right and left.  All I could do was turn on my 4x4 and drive slowly.  That is until the plows got the memo and about wiped me off the road.  I followed directly behind them for over a half an hour and it was snowing so hard that I nearly followed them off an exit because I couldn't see anything.  And of course, once I dropped out of the canyon and into the valley, the snow stopped all together.  That looks real great when you're 25 minutes late for work because of the "snow" that appears to be non-existent.  Ah well, I made it in one piece and that's all I care about.

Last night was great.  I got myself to the gym around 5 pm and worked out for just over an hour.  It was awesome to have access to actual gym equipment and not have to rely solely on the body weight exercises I've been doing. I mean, I still did those for a half an hour, but I feel like I will be able to make some great strides in my strength training days.  Also, my freaking biceps looked massive when I was done last night.  And by "massive" I mean, "probably normal for most people, but holy crap my arms have never looked like that in my life."
And every night I say a prayer that when I wake up, my abs will finally show their face.  One day, people. ONE DAY.  After I finished working out, I pulled out my new fitness journal I found at Target yesterday when I went there to buy a day planner.  I usually write down a little about my workout on the fitness apps I use, but the way this journal is laid out? I had to have it.  I'm a little (a lot) bit of a journal addict.  I have to stay away from that section when I go to any bookstore because Landon says I'm not allowed to buy anymore until I use the ones I have.  Which is really saying something because Landon never tells me I can't buy things.  So no one tell Landon!
Once I got home from working out I continued my project of cleaning out my closet.  I started on my dresser the other day and can I tell you how great it feels that I can shut my drawers without have to shove the clothes down as hard as I can?  It's amazing.  Last night, I took on the daunted task of the top shelf in my closet and everything hanging.  I got rid of SO much.  I also found a total of $9.45.
NONE OF THAT FITS ME ANYMORE.  And then I did that trick you see on Pinterest that says to turn all of your hangers backwards and when you wear something to hang it up normal and at the end of the year which ever articles of clothing were still backwards, get rid of it.  Because there were some pieces that hold sentimental value and I keep telling myself I'll wear them again, but if the hangers aren't turned at the end of the year I'm going to donate them.  I feel like I've lost 100 lbs. 

I got most of my homework done for this week too.  I was so productive yesterday!!  I'm hoping it turns into a habit, because I'll need it with school, work, and exercising in these coming months.


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