Mariah's Homecoming Part II

So, after picking Mariah up from the airport, taking her to the church to have her released, we finally got home around 11:00 that night.  This was the moment we had all been waiting for because we had a surprise waiting for her.
My mom got chickens last year, I don't know if I ever mentioned that here because I hardly blogged last year, but she brought home 5 baby chicks. Then she, Johnny and Brenden worked really hard building a chicken coop for them in the backyard.  We all made a pact not to tell her about it so she would be surprised when she got home.  We knew it was going to be the middle of the night when she would see it for the first time so they decorated the whole coop in Christmas lights.  When we walked in the door, Mariah was immediately greeted by Josh and Tukae. And listen, none of us thought Tukae would live to see her come home.  That dog is blind and deaf and randomly falls down quite frequently.  He has been in our family for 16 years and he is the best dog in the world.  So we were all so excited to see him freak out over seeing Mariah again.  BUT- like I said, he is very blind and very deaf so he didn't know who the heck she was. haha! He was just excited we were all home.  My mom asked Mariah if she would put the dogs outside, and she opened the back door to see our Christmas coop in the back corner.  She did a double take and was like, "What the?!"  We all laughed as she stumbled through her surprise, "Is that a dog house? Wait. Is that a chicken coop?!  Do we have CHICKENS?!"  And she began to jump up and down and ask if she could see them.  So we trudged through the snow so Mariah could meet the girls: Conna, Mary, Susan, Hellen and Roxanne.  She was beyond delighted and she loves to go out and see them in the morning to gather eggs of many colors.

You would think we would go to bed after that.  I mean, she had traveled for 20 straight hours, but no.  We took off on a Slurpee run at 1:00 AM to a 7eleven two towns away.  My mom has been on the hunt for a banana Slurpee and has yet to find a location that has it.  Landon asked her what candy she had missed the most and almost before he was done asking her the question she said, "Reese's!"  So Landon being the gentleman he is took it upon himself to buy her the biggest Reese's cups known to man.  She was so excited and I still think she is working on finishing them.

We didn't go to bed that night until nearly 3 am.  Johnny flew out from Texas to see her get off the plane and watch her face when she saw the chicken coop for the first time, but was flying out to Arizona the next morning.  So we wanted to spend as much time all together as we could until he comes back.  I had my work Christmas lunch on Friday so I went to that for a couple hours and returned home to everyone barely waking up and getting ready for the day.  Now a lot of time, newly returned missionaries have a hard time adjusting to normal life.  They go from having a strict, set daily schedule and coming home to no schedule at all and it is a bit of a shell-shock for them.  So we made it our goal to make sure Mariah didn't feel idle and useless.  Once I got back we went to Salt Lake City to walk around Temple Square and grab some lunch at the City Creek Mall.  That ended up being the perfect thing for her to do.  There are a ton of sister missionaries in Temple Square and Mariah talked to pretty much all of them.  When you are on a mission, you wear a name tag that says, "Sister" or "Elder" (or in Mariah's Spanish mission, "Hermana") and then your last name and you go through the next couple years going by that name.  So when a pair of the missionaries had been talking to Ri Ri for a few minutes, they asked her what her name was and her eyes filled up with tears and she squeaked out, "Hermana Border." and then of course we all started to cry.  There was only a handful of moments like that over the next couple weeks, but for the most part she is excited to be home and getting back into the swing of things.
We walked all around well into the evening when all the gorgeous lights were on.  If you ever find yourself in SLC around Christmas make sure you hit up the lights in Temple Square.  You'll be blown away at the beauty.  We finally left because we were WORN out.  Well, Mariah wasn't.  She is used to walking 10+ miles a day, we weren't.  What she wasn't used to is how cold it is right now.  She came from 100 degree weather and 100% humidity to 5 degree weather!! She's been bundled up for weeks and she still coughs every time she goes outside because her lungs have no clue what has happened.  

On Saturday, her best friend was getting married and asked Mariah to be a bridesmaid, so she was gone all day.  I took the opportunity to hit the slopes.  A friend of mine that I had gone to college with messaged me on instagram and asked if I had a pass to Park City.  I told her I did and she gave me her  number to hit her up when I was going next because she needed more friends to ride with.  So I shot her a text before I left and we agreed to meet up at the top of the Bonanza lift.  When she boarded up to me I thought to myself, wow.  She looks so different.  We got on the gondola to head to the other side of the resort and I pulled out my phone to sneakily look at her instagram.  Turns out, this girl who messaged me was NOT a girl I went to college with and was in fact a total stranger.  I mean, we follow each other on IG, but I had never met her in my life.  I had to stifle my laughter at first, but we ended up having a lot of fun together and I won't be surprised if we end up going again.

But yeah.  That was the first couple days she was home.  There are still many stories to come.  Don't be surprised if my sister is all I talk about for the next little bit.  It's just the best that she is home.  She is so loved.


  1. I can't decide what I love the most: how much you love your sister, the names of those chickens, or the fact that you got Catfished by someone you thought your knew. You are the best person in the world, Whitney.

  2. That is so amazing that your sister is home! It sounds like you're already making lots of great memories together!


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