I'm so done with this week.  I gotta tell ya, I am WORN out.  I've done a million homework assignments, I'm fighting with all my might against a head cold, I haven't missed a day working out and my muscles cry a little with every movement and I had my yearly review with my bosses yesterday morning. (which is why I didn't blog.)

I'm just exhausted all around- mentally, physically, emotionally (yearly reviews make my anxiety FLARE), oh, and financially.  Because last Saturday morning, I couldn't find my Beats Wireless headphones I use when I run and work out.  I looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't find them and I came to the depressing conclusion that I had lost them between the gym and my house.  When I got home from my run and it was lighter outside, I found them on the ground right outside my truck and I was thrilled!  They had just fallen out of my lap and I hadn't seen them earlier because it was so dark. I picked them up and did a little skip because I was so happy, but I froze mid-skip when I looked at them closer and saw on the one headphone the earpiece was dangling by wires and the other was cracked all up and down.  I had stepped on them an hour earlier when I was desperately searching for them in my truck.  I STEPPED ON THEM.  Our parking lot is covered in broken ice, so I hadn't even felt them under my feet.  
I think the only reason I didn't burst into tears that moment was because I still had endorphins pulsing through my veins from my run, though I did walk sullenly upstairs to show Landon.  "I would have rather lost them."  I told him with my head hung in shame.

Luckily, I still had about $70 on that Best Buy gift card I got a couple weeks ago and $100 of birthday money I'd been hoarding since July and I was able to buy myself a new pair without breaking the bank.  They arrived last night and though I'm still mourning my other pair, I was happy to have my own again so I could give Landon's back to him.  Mistakes, man, they get expensive.
So, TGIF, am I right?

I've got big plans to get ahead on my homework today, clean my house tonight after I workout.  Definitely something that has been neglected amongst my other commitments.  And I'm going to bed at a decent time so I can get up and run 6 miles in the dark again, hopefully it's not as cold as last week.  Then, snowboarding to follow, duh.  And tomorrow night, Landon has a guy's night with his bro-ha so I'm having a girl's night with my bestie.  We are going to Sundance to star-stalk, should be a great time.  I'm so happy it's the weekend.

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