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Today was at least the FIFTH day in a row the attendants at the gas station I go to in the mornings didn't charge me for my drink.  Like, I walk in there, say hello and banter back and forth while I fill my cup up with ice and fill in the cracks with Diet DP and when I approach the counter with my money the guy goes, "BYE." and waves me out the door.  And it's not just one guy! It's two different dudes and a lady who work different days and they all tell me not to worry about it.  It's been happening frequently for the past couple months, but now it's like, every time I go in. It's the nicest and weirdest thing.  Like, I want to bake them cookies or something to say, "Thanks for all the free Dr. Pepper." But I don't know, is that weird?  Is it okay to give people you don't really know baked goods?  I don't know if I would eat something someone made if I didn't know them well enough; this world is a scary place.  But I feel like I should do something nice for them in exchange.  I'm aware that I'm over-thinking this; that I should just be happy with their soda fountain generosity.  But what can you do to show someone you only see for 60 seconds at 6 o'clock in the morning on weekdays that you appreciate their kindness?  And then if I do do something, will they feel obligated to continue to give me free drinks? Isn't that bribery? AM I GOING TO BE INCARCERATED FOR THIS?

I've been writing a lot of response papers in the last few weeks, my brain is apparently having trouble not analyzing situations.

I need a nap.


  1. I FEEL YOUR STRESS. My first thought was that the dude OBVIOUSLY has a crush on you, but everyone?? Everyone is giving you free drinks?

    If you solve this mystery, please report back. I'm dying of curiosity.


    It *is* strange that they all give you the drink for free, but MAYBE instead of baking something for them (because I totally get the not wanting to eat something someone else you don't really know baked) you can BUY them a cookie cake or cupcakes or SOMETHING LIKE THAT?????????????????



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