That Girl

A part of me is wondering why leg day is on Monday.  Because Mondays don't tend to be a shining light for most of us anyway, and now I find myself having to crawl into work on Tuesday because my legs don't work.  So now Mondays AND Tuesdays are turning into a struggle. This was just a thought in my mind as I was bracing my entire body against my truck this morning as I tried to walk into work without doing the splits on the ice and dropping the 10 lb grocery bag that held the contents of the food I'll be eating today on the frozen blacktop.

Another thought was: All I do is eat.  That one popped into my head yesterday as I was preparing my third snack for the day.  Since I'm trying to eat healthier to promote the gains (I hate myself for calling them that) I'm seriously hungry like, every hour and a half.  So I bring an entire refrigerator's worth of food to work with me to eat every couple hours.  There is a guy we work with who has done the same thing forever and everyone teases him about it; it's starting to look like I'm his protege.

Along with all of the food I eat, I am turning into that girl who takes pictures of her food.  Partly, because on my other instagram account I'm getting tagged 16 times a day to show #whatsonmyplate so I need proof, partly because I need to remind myself what I ate so I can log it, and partly because I like how colorful and crisp my food is lately.
I can honestly tell you after I had dinner I dumped all of this into a tupperware without the slightest concern about color coordination.  But when I was chopping and preparing, this pleased my eyes to no extent.

So, yeah.  There's a #transformationtuesday (another endless tag I'm trying to keep up with) for you.  I've turned into that girl on multiple different accounts.  That girl who whines about leg day, that girl who won't stop eating, and that girl who takes pictures of all of her food for her instagram.

You're all very welcome that I chose to start a new account and keep all of that off your feed, because it's obnoxious.  At least I'm not that girl on your newsfeed, amIright?


  1. What is your other instagram? I need the inspiration. Help.

  2. I love that you are here to inspire me to get back on the wagon, because I fell off like, 20 miles ago, and am going to have to hobble a really long way back to it. You're totally amazing.


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