Yesterday was crazy, you guys.  I had to leave work early so I could meet my dad up on campus to get all my books and sort out some scholarship details.  I haven't ever really walked around Weber's campus before and I will admit I felt a tiny bit of sadness that I wasn't actually going to be attending classes there.  It made me miss the college life, and I had to seriously refrain from buying all of the Weber State hoodies in the book store.  My Amazon wishlist is full now, though.

My sister met up with my dad and me to get her books, pay her tuition and hang out with us for a little bit.  I figured while I was on campus I would get my student ID card so I could once again have access to any student discount offered and not try to pass off my old UVU card with my maiden name on it as current.  Mariah and my dad needed a new one too, so we all went in the back room, stood in front of their full length mirror and tried to make ourselves look pretty.  Especially myself since I had been cleaning my entire lab earlier and was covered head to toe in dirt, I hadn't blow dried my hair that morning, and I was rocking a pretty gnarly pony tail.  When it was my turn to take the picture, my dad jumped behind me right as they took it and the picture was hilarious.  I'm sitting still with a smile painted on my face while this blurred body is flying through the air right behind me.  I asked if I could use that for my ID and they told me I could since I wasn't really going to be on campus, but my dad laughed and told me to take a new one.  I did, reluctantly.  I still think that would have been awesome.  I think that makes me official now, having a student ID.  I'm a Wildcat!
Can I just tell you how much I love hanging out with that kid?  She is SO funny.  I was laughing non-stop with her yesterday and I am so sad I live so far away because I just want to spend all of my time with her.  I had to follow my dad to my cousin's house to get a text book to use for the semester, but we had to take Mariah to her car first.  She just bought this little BMW and I hadn't seen it yet, so I hopped out of my truck to go look at it really fast before we left.  I was like, "Mariah, it's so cute!! I just want to go cruise the boulevards with you!"  And she was like, "We should!! Is you truck running?"  And I was like, "Yeah..." and she yells, "WELL YOU BETTER GO CATCH IT."  I died.  It was such a stupid joke, but it caught me off guard and I laughed SO hard.  I'm laughing really hard again as I'm typing this.  What a troll.

After I got home, it was almost six and dark out.  I'm on a tight training schedule for another half-marathon coming up in March though, and it's a tough one so I need all the practice I can get.  Even though I was tired from such a long day and it was 1 degree outside, I bundled up and put on my headlamp to log a few more miles.  My legs were frozen solid when I got home,  It's so funny, my core is always hot when I get done running and I'm usually sweating but my legs can't seem to stay warm.  I put on sweats and a bathrobe when I came inside and even after cooking dinner and doing some homework I was still shivering.  I tried talking Landon into going to the hot tub with me, but he didn't want to make the walk over to the clubhouse so I decided to draw a hot bubble bath.  I've never actually taken a bath in this house before because our tub is so shallow, but it was enough to warm me through.  I rubbed some aroma therapy lotion on my feet and legs and put on some wool socks.  I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep right there.  But before I went to bed, I went downstairs and started to foam roll my legs.  That is the best worst pain ever.  It hurts so bad while you're rolling, but feels so good when you're done.  I yell and cry the whole time and Landon loves to tease me.  Especially when I'm taking photos for my other instagram account.  Exhibit A:
What a troll.


  1. ahem, other instagram account? i want to follow it duh.

  2. When I used to run in the winter, my butt would turn into one giant ice block of pain and hatred. Winter training is darn hard.

    Also, try using a golf ball for the smaller areas, or the really tight areas. You can't imagine how much it hurts, but it's so amazing when it's over.


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