Wednesdays, though.

I BARELY made it work today, you guys.  I don't know that I've ever driven in a more violent storm than what I just drove through to get to the valley.  Bless the person who decided to give me a four-wheel drive truck, or else I would have died.  The blizzard continues to rage, but I'm safe and sound in our little triple-wide trailer.

I didn't even know a storm was on the way.  I ran 3 miles yesterday afternoon and was surprised by how warm (30 degrees) it was outside.  And when I was cooking some dinner afterward, Landon took Josh outside and came back in covered in snow.  I was like, "What the?! It's SNOWING?!"  I love the snow.  I will take it every day in the winter.  But man, driving in that feels like you're driving in your own coffin. Jesus, take the wheel, AMIRIGHT?!

But yeah.  I ran a few miles last night, cooked a bomb dinner, and I took a soak in the hot tub even though the sign on the door said it was closed until the 20th due to "wet paint."  I looked at my watch and it was 9 PM on the 19th.  I figured that was close enough to the 20th and I would just keep my face turned from the security cameras.  Even better, if I stayed on the one side of the hot tub, the motion sensor lights can't see me and they turn off after about 5 minutes.  I sat there with my eyes closed and listened to The Name of the Wind in the dark.  You could imagine it was very difficult to pull myself from that scene to go back and do homework for the next hour.  I'll take 15 minutes of relaxation any way I can get it, though.  Even if I have to wake up and work again after.

The dinner I made last night would have made any personal trainer proud.  Grilled chicken and vegetables with a crushed tomato sauce with garlic and oregano.  Oh, and a spaghetti squash that I stole from my mom's garden LITERALLY last October that's been on my counter ever since.  Real talk: how long do spaghetti squashes last? Because I was expecting it to be rotten when I cut into it, but it was like I just brought it home from the store.  At least I hope.  Maybe I just poisoned myself... But I digress. This meal was the epitome of health and it made me think about how far I've come.  And it also made me think of this pin I saw yesterday on Pinterest that I related to real hard:
The struggle is real, you guys.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Honestly, your food snaps have been ON POINT lately. Put together a cookbook, would ya? I'd buy it!

  2. Just the thought of listening to music, in the dark, in a hot tub relaxes me. I need to meet you there ASAP. Why are you thousands of miles away instead of like, five minutes? This ain't right.

  3. You impress me. Listen, for lunch the past two days I've had chicken breast with roasted brussels sprouts for lunch. I'm trying.

  4. Spaghetti squash stays good for a long time, so long as you don't let it get too warm, or store it someplace humid. Any winter squash, like butternut, spaghetti, acorn, etc. will keep forever.

    I do not miss driving in the snow. Except for when it's night time and it looks like you're in star trek going at warp speed through the stars. That I kinda miss a little.


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