Weekending is my Occupation

I keep finding myself surprised when Monday comes and I feel like I need another day to recover from the weekend, however, that is how I feel: tired and surprised about it.  But I also feel good, which also tends to be a trend.  If you follow my Snap Story, you probably got a pretty good idea of what went down, but here I am to recap for any one (future me) who is seeing this in 24+ hours from now.

Friday night, I spent 92 minutes in the gym.  I can honestly say that is the longest I've ever spent actually working out in any gym in my life.  I was feeling frustrated with my progress over the past month and especially the past week because I had gained two lbs despite my efforts in eating healthy and working out every day.  And I know, every one I've talked about it to says, "It's muscle!" or "Anything under 10 lbs is just fluctuation and you shouldn't pay attention to it." But it's hard not to.  It's hard because I know it probably really is muscle, I just can't see it.  It's hard because I feel like I've never eaten this healthy in my life and that I should either be staying where I'm at or losing, not gaining.  And it sounds stupid even when I type that out.  If I heard anyone else saying this to me, I would tell them to sit down and chill out, so I've been trying to tell myself to do the same.  Anyway, after an hour and a half at the gym, I was taking some progress photos and I found out why I hadn't been seeing any increase in muscle tone lately, it's all been behind me. On my back and shoulders.
I also got busted hard taking this mirror selfie.  Two people walked in a caught me mid-flex. I was so ashamed. But that made me feel a lot better.  Mind you, this is how I looked after an hour and a half of working out, my muscles definitely don't look like that right now. But I was stoked to say the least.
I got home that night and cleaned house while Landon was out installing the new subs he got for our truck.  He was out all night doing that, so I figured I'd treat myself to a Lush face mask and a soak in the hot tub.  To my dismay, when I walked through the door to the pool room I was met with probably at least ten other humans already in it and they all stared at the 6 foot surf that just walked in.  At that point I thought to myself, Well, they've already seen me, no point in going home now. And I stepped down into the hot tub with a cup of ice and a magazine.  I was treating myself.
The people were actually really nice, and I only had to use my magazine to shield my face from a dozen or so tidal waves their kids simulated.  Probably not the most relaxing time, but not the worst either.

I went to bed right afterward and was briefly woken by Landon when he finally drug his frozen butt into bed after 3 AM.  I knew at that moment I would be snowboarding by myself when it was time.  My alarm went off at 7:30 and I whispered to Landon to ask him if he wanted to go snowboarding, he just groaned and I left it at that.  I wanted to leave by 8 so I could get my kolaches and still be there a little before 9 because of the Sundance Film Festival that is going on right now.  Landon told me the day before I was nuts for even wanting to go to Park City while that was going on.  But I wanted to snowboard, dang it, so I was going to beat the crowds. I didn't realize that I really was, and I got the best parking spot ever and was first in line for the gondola 10 minutes before they even opened.  There wasn't any fresh snow that morning (it all came down that night) but they had groomed everything in preparation for the masses and I got to make all the first cuts on the corduroy thanks to my punctuality.

That still just takes my breath away.  It was such a beautiful morning.

I stayed for about 2 1/2 hours until the crowds were getting to be too much for a local like myself and I gave up my golden parking spot to a desperate out-of-towner.  I went home to eat a quit lunch before I saddled up in my running Camelbak and thermals to head out on a six-mile run.  I even packed myself a snack for the halfway point because I get stupidly sick if I run on an empty stomach. It was pretty warm (36 degrees) and I didn't have to layer up before I set off.  It's been awhile since I've ran that long, so I was happy when it didn't kill me.  Thankfully, the training is paying off.  It was definitely tough, though.  The race I'm doing in March is all uphill so I'm trying to train by running uphill.  I was pretty beat when I got home.

I wasn't tired enough that I wasn't going to party that night, though.  I had already made plans for a girl's night with my bestie, Jenessa and she was on her way up as I got home.  I had just enough time to shower and get dolled up before we were on our way down to Orem to have some fun.  We had originally planned to go to Comedy Sportz, but we waited too long to buy tickets and they were sold out.  So, we figured we would get some sushi and go shopping.
The sushi was incredible as always.  I took Ness to my favorite sushi restaurant and had talked very highly of it.  She told me later that when we pulled up to this little hole in the wall her expectations plummeted.  I hadn't really thought about it, but that place is pretty desolate looking.  The paint on the walls is this hideous mixture of red, yellow and blue, all of the flowers are fake and dusty, the booths are tattered and torn in places, but I've been there so many times I didn't even think about how run down it looked.  After we had eaten though, she said she only ever wanted to eat there for the rest of her life.  That sushi is to die for, people.

After Sushi, we walked around the mall for a bit.  I bought some new running pants, shirt and headband, Ness got a killer deal at Pac Sun.  And after about an hour, our feet were hurting so bad from our dumb shoes that we went to RC Willey and plopped down on the first display bed we could find.  We spent the rest of our evening there trying out Sleep Number mattresses and $4000 massage chairs.  Not your typical girl's night, but we definitely had a great time.

She spent the night because it was snowing so hard, but I'm a terrible hostess and slept till 11:00 in the morning and woke up to twenty snapchats of her saying goodbye. I don't know when the last time I slept that late was, but my poor, tired body needed the rest.  I got up and made Landon and me a healthy little brunch   and got ready for church.

Landon bought me that skirt for Christmas and I'm in love with it.  It's made of the same material as those coats everyone is wearing these days, you know that ones, they kind of feel like a bunch of grocery bags stitched together and they're super warm?  Anyway, that skirt is the best piece of winter, church apparel I've ever owned.  I love it.  I'm tempted to wear it running because you can unzip the sides as far as you want, it would keep my legs so toasty on a cold run.

After church was over, Landon and I came home and turned on some football and made a delicious lunch of whatever was left in my vegetable drawer in the fridge.  I'm telling you guys, I'm really trying to eat healthy.  I want abs SO BAD.
 After screaming and yelling at the tv for two hours and celebrating in a wave of relief when the Broncos beat the Patriots, we turned on a movie and bunkered down for the afternoon.  It was my rest day and I was going to rest if it was the last thing I did.  Or so I thought.  After literally yelling for the 8th time at my Apple Watch, "STOP JUDGING ME!" when it would tell me to get up and move around a little, I finally decided it wouldn't hurt to go to the pool and do a short ab circuit.  I had to put my truck into 4x4 to get to the clubhouse because it was snowing so hard, but I did it.  And it felt awesome.  My body is so sore, but pool exercises are so low-impact it just felt like I was stretching more than working.  I needed it more than I thought.  Plus, it's always nice to pretend you're somewhere pool worthy in the midst of a blizzard.
And yeah, that was my weekend.  Now I'm back to homework and night runs.  Can't wait for Friday.


  1. Have you heard of the FitBit Aria scale? It is supposed to be really accurate in measuring your body fat percentage among other things, and for that reason I'm really considering spending over $100 on a scale. UGH.

  2. Can you be my personal trainer? I mean, honestly! I'll just move to Utah and you can whip my ass into shape and make me all of those delicious meals (are those sweet potato fries? do tell). And Landon can pick out my clothes for me because he clearly does an excellent job.


  3. That's a long time to spend in the gym. You were certainly motivated. I find that for many people, reaching a point where they are completely focused on what they want to achieve helps them to push past what they thought were there physical limits. They accomplish more in the gym or if they choose, with some other form of exercise.

    Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries

  4. Sounds like you're working so hard to get and stay in shape! I wish I had the drive you have to do that. Whenever I make a promise to myself to eat better and get into shape, it only lasts a little over a week and I'm back to where I began! I need motivation!

    Tony @ ASP Dallas Pool Company


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