Winter Weekend Traditions

What a weekend.  It was the last weekend of freedom for Landon and me for the foreseeable future because guess what- today is our first day of school.  That is right, we are back in college!  I can use student discounts again in any opportunity given, I can tell people I'm going to school now when people ask me what I do so I don't have to try to explain to them what I actually do (because no one gets it), I get to stay up late writing papers, cramming for tests and writing lame excuses to the professor as to why I wasn't able to submit my homework in on time. Oh wait, that last one I can't do anymore because 4 of the 5 classes I'm taking this semester are taught by MY DAD.  He definitely won't buy the "family emergency" excuse.  That means I have to use my time wisely and actually do my homework instead of binging on Grey's Anatomy all night like I did the last time I was in college.  That's fine though, because I'm going back to school for the purpose of an education this time and not for a social life.  That's both exciting and depressing to me at the same time.

This weekend was great though!  Friday, I got home from work and promptly crawled into bed with the intention of taking a 20-minute power nap and getting up to work out.  Three and half hours later, Landon walks through the door and I'm still in bed, watching Netflix on my phone.  I spent the next hour trying to compromise with myself into how I would make up for missing my workout over the weekend.  In the end, I told myself to quit being such a lazy crybaby and do my workout at 9:30 pm.  Which I did.  And Landon rewarded me by driving to Cafe Rio and bringing me home a sweet pork salad.  We ate our dinner at 10:00 and watched more New Girl.  I mean, how much more exciting can we get?!

The answer is quite a bit, actually.  I woke up early Saturday to run 4 miles in the frigid morning air, came home and froze Landon out of bed with my icicle legs and we got ready to go snowboarding.  Landon and I have the best Saturday traditions in the winter.  It starts with me working out, then Landon packs our snowboards and gear in the truck, then we drive to our favorite little breakfast joint on Main Street.  It's called Dotties, but for the longest time we thought it was called, and still refer to it as Kolaches.  Their big sign outside says, "KOLACHES" really big and underneath in much smaller writing it says, "Dotties."  But they serve kolaches there, which are basically stuffed homemade rolls.  My favorite ones to get are the turkey sausage, egg and cheese and the vegetarian that is stuffed with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella.  You get two kolaches and a drink for $6.  I get my usual Diet DP and Landon usually experiments with their specialty drinks.  This weeks was the Voo Dew.  It consisted of a mixture of Mountain Dew, Monster, a shot of lime, and vanilla half and half.  I would never order that for myself because I just can't seem to justify drinking my calories, but I did steal a few sips and it was SO yummy.  After we stop there, we head to Park City to shred.

We got up on the mountain around 10:30 and stayed until 3.  It snowed the whole day, but there wasn't any wind so it wasn't miserably cold and we had great snow all day long.  We had so much fun, I can't get over how lucky we are to live in the gorgeous mountains and get to play in the whenever we want.

After we got home from shredding we showered up and went down to Orem to spend a bunch of gift cards that we had gotten for Christmas.  Or at least tried to.  I'm not great at shopping and I'm in the middle of purging my closet and drawers so I don't want to buy things that I don't absolutely love.  Landon has no problem spending money though.  My work gave me this sweet Bose speaker for Christmas, but I already have one so I returned it to Best Buy for $200 store-credit.  My problem is, though, that there really isn't anything I want at Best Buy.  But I found the kitchen appliances section and wrapped my arms around a Ninja blender.  The blender Landon and I bought when we got married barely works and we've been dreaming about the day when we would have a nice one.  Well, Saturday was that day.  And yesterday I made us smoothies like I was a chef at a 5 star restaurant.  I didn't follow a recipe and I should have because I ended up making literally two liters of strawberry smoothie.

After shopping, we grabbed some dinner at Red Robin where I desperately tried to pretend like the lettuce I substituted for a bun tasted as good.  We watched the Cincinnati Bengals shoot themselves in the foot and showed ourselves the door when they lost.  We turned on New Girl (shocker) and fell asleep halfway into an episode and I had to drag Landon up to bed at 2:53 am after I nearly rolled off the couch and scared myself awake.

Our church time was changed from 9 to 11 so we got to sleep in plenty and as I mentioned before I made us smoothies and pancakes for breakfast while Landon folded laundry and watched football.  After church I made Landon come on a short winter hike with me in the snow because the sun was shining brightly through the clouds and I wanted to be outside.  The hike turned out being much longer than it usually takes me in the summer due to the couple feet of snow we were trudging through and we were starving by the time we were done.  So we made a quick taco dinner and binged on more football and New Girl.  Are you surprised?
How about that for our weekend usuals during the winter though, huh?  Snowboarding, food and football.  I absolutely love it.  Landon and I live such a good life and have so much fun together, it's the best.  So pause for a second and think about that before you ask us when we plan on having babies. ;)


  1. I was so intrigued seeing the Voo Dew on your Snapchat, I'm so glad you wrote about it!! It sounds strange but like, in a way that I would totally try.

    You and Landon have the most wonderful life, all the time. RELATIONSHIP GOALS TO THE MAX!

  2. SCHOOL?! For what? Details!

    CAN I PLEASE BE YOUR SISTER WIFE? I love your life. You are awesome.

  3. So much fun! And Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one is school. We can commiserate together. Proud of you for deciding to go back and get educated :)


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