So as most of you know, I work in an open-pit mine.  And in an establishment like this, one is required to wear the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) such as and: hard hat, reflective vests, gloves, safety glasses, jeans, and steel-toed boots.  While most of that is easy to replace, in fact, Safety in the company will usually just give you most of that.  With the exception of jeans and shirts and the boots.  I've been wearing the same old (men's) boots I bought from Walmart three summers ago.  To say they were in need of replacing would be- an understatement.  The seams on both sides were all blown out, there were holes in the soles, the leather was cracked and sagging to the point where it resembles the Sorting Hat, er-Boot.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I heard them yell, "GRYFFINDOR!" one time when I slipped them on. Basically it got to the point where they were letting more in than keeping out.  But boots are expensive and I've been holding on to mine for longer than I should have.

A few weeks ago, I had to do an assignment for one of my classes that evaluated a salesperson without their knowing.  There aren't a lot of stores in Heber where there are actual "sales people" that cater to the customer, so I went to Reams, a store where they sell work boots, cowboy boots, Wranglers, ropes and really any sort of attire a farm hand would need.  I was just going to do my assignment and leave, but the sales lady did a really great job and sold me on a beautiful pair of black leather Ariats.  It wasn't hard, really, I fingered the intricate blue stitching in the soft suede on the top of the boot.  The black leather that covered the foot was smooth and sleek, and when I slipped them on, I felt like Cinderella trying on her glass slipper.  Only instead of glass, it was perfectly fitted leather; far more comfortable.  All I could think of were my tattered old boots back in my work truck and how they had hit their stride probably before last summer.  I told her to put me down for a pair.  I had to order them because the ones I tried on weren't steel-toed and that's a requirement for my job.  Well, I finally picked them up last night and I am wearing them now.  I feel like a damn princess.

I don't know if this is really a "Treat Yo Self" sort of purchase since it's for work, but I am definitely feeling a little more than spoiled.  The fact that they are actually women's boots is a luxury I haven't experienced in the 5 years I've been at this job.  When I walk, the snug fit makes it so I don't shuffle my feet with each step.  They actually stay on my feet.  It's incredible. And they are just so dang pretty! I'm trying to soak in all of their beauty before I walk out the door here into the pit a couple minutes where they will never be the same.


  1. Look at you, hot stuff!! Those are some pretty boots! I wish my work attire included a reflective vest. Are y'all hiring? Help a girl out.

  2. Daaaaaang, that's some snazzy PPE you have there! I hope they bring you lots of joy, happiness, and safety :)


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