But, Is It Worth It?

Last night, after I got home from the gym and grocery shopping, I spent the next THREE HOURS in the kitchen.  I just went in there, and didn't leave.  I was busy cooking our dinner, lunches for today and a loaf of healthy banana bread.  FOR THREE HOURS.  When I finally crawled into bed, I thought to myself, what did I even do today?!  I picked up heavy things and set them down and cooked.  That was my night. Oh, and did the same dishes over and over again with each new meal I made.  But, at least we are eating good food.

When I say good, I mean, "good for you."  Most of the time it actually is good.  It's not anything like that diet I was doing back in 2014 where I only ate plain, grilled chicken and fat free sour cream for three months.  It's far better than that.  Actually, I've been loving everything I make lately.  I find the more healthy I eat, the less crap I crave.  And food tastes better.  However, the banana bread I made last night didn't satisfy the craving that had been whispering to me for the last few days as I watched the three bananas in my window seal ripen.

I searched Pinterest for a "healthy" banana bread recipe and I got one that said to use whole wheat flour and honey and unsweetened applesauce in place of sugar.  I was like, "Perfect!" as I actually had  all of that and wouldn't need to go to the store.  I dug all of the ingredients out of my cupboard and I spent the next hour baking it; our house smelled heavenly. This morning, however, when I cut myself a slice, I was anticipating the taste of white flour and real sugar tasting banana bread.  In it's place I tasted healthy banana bread.  This beauty is far from the indulgence I am used to.  It still tasted good, mind you,  I ate a thick slice with my egg and enjoyed it.  But not as much as I would have if I had searched, "best banana bread recipe ever" on Pinterest like I usually do.  The sacrifices we make.

I would have been tempted to just start over and use ingredients like happiness and white flour if I hadn't looked like the beginning of the She-Hulk last night at the gym.  Yes, I'm about to post a picture of me flexing; BRACE YOURSELVES. I've been working very hard and I'm proud of it.
boo. freaking. ya. I guess subbing healthy ingredients pays off, and maybe I'll keep doing it. 


  1. I gasped a little when I saw that on Instagram last night. You look incredible!

  2. GIRL, YOU ARE SLAYING. Keep it up!!!

  3. You look amazing. So proud of how hard you are working, even if I do think that "healthy banana bread" is an oxymoron and wrong on all of the levels. It's working for you, and you are doing amazing!


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