Don't Mind My Brooding

There's a storm blowing in.  Normally, I'm excited for storms.  Especially because it's been unusually warm these last couple weeks and I'm not ready for spring skiing just yet.  However, I have to run six miles tonight and if I had the option, I'd prefer it wasn't in the snow and wind.  Actually, I don't totally mind snow, but the wind is manic out there; I hate running in wind.

I wish it was Friday instead of Thursday.  It's been long week and I just wish all of my homework was done and turned in and all I had to do tonight was make some dinner and then become one with the couch.  No such luck.  And I've got so much homework to do still that might not even get to happen tomorrow when it really is Friday.  Who is responsible for me going back to school?  I need to have a word with him.

I'm completely enthralled in my audio book right now.  This is the second time I've listened to The Wise Man's Fear, but I can't for the life of me hardly remember what happens and it feels like it's the first time.  I just never want to turn it off.  I was even listening to it in the gym last night.  Usually I'm listening to music that pumps me up, but last night while I was doing a plank I turned the book back on in hopes that it would make a plank-minute go by faster.   It did.

Then this couple that always comes in the gym 30 minutes after I do every night, plugs their phone into the sound system and blasts Nickelback at an ungodly volume.  I have to fight a real urge to throw a dumbbell at the back of their heads.  The narrator's voice doesn't stand a chance against that garbage and I had to turn my normal music back on and my headphones up as loud as they could go to even remotely block out their poor taste in music.  It's so inconsiderate and I have to hold back from yanking the emergency stop cord off their treadmills when I leave.

Is this post whiny enough?  Ugh, I don't mean to be so ornery.  Just one of those weeks, you know?


  1. It *is* just one of those weeks, I agree. And Nickelback is the worst and I'm embarrassed for that couple.

    BUT I do give you SO MUCH CREDIT for going for a run tonight, despite the weather. I would be home under 4-6 blankets.

  2. That right there is why I am anti-gym. Other people can suck it.

    Also, school. Yes. All of it. So hard.


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