Kick Off Meetings and Stealing Pens

It's 5:31 AM right now as I am writing this.  I am eating a piece of wheat toast with natural peanut butter on it. It's taken me a couple weeks to get used to the "natural" kind because it's not nearly as sweet.  And I'm finally starting to get over the fact that I have to stir it every time I use it because the oil separates. It used to freak me out so much, but now it's part of the norm.

I'm blogging so early because I'm going to be in a meeting all day today.  I was yesterday, but I didn't think far enough ahead to realize I wouldn't be able to post.  So in place of blogging, over the course of the day I tried writing all the words to Blank Space by Taylor Swift down in my notebook from memory as my creative outlet.  It wasn't so creative as it was frustrating.  I have listened to that song more times than most humans, and I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WRITE IT DOWN.  I've gotten most of it, but there is a couple lines here and there that I can hear in my head that I simply cannot scribble down.  And I don't want to listen to the song until I remember them, because then am I really a true Swiftie?  Her song that has been on the radio for the last year and half THOUSANDS of times and that I've probably played another thousand times on my on accord?  No.  I am not.

Clearly, I'm getting a lot out of the meetings.

No, they're interesting for the most part.  It's a lot of budget talk and how we did in 2015 and our goals for 2016 and whatnot.  They gave us these sweet notebooks and pens (two of my favorite things) to take notes in, and I made a comment to my boss about how nice the pens were.  We're talking like the pens that are probably $7 for a two-pack at Target, that kind of quality.  As soon as I drew his attention to it, every time he got up to use the restroom, get a drink or a snack, he would bring back another 5 pens and put them in front of me.  I would get embarrassed really quickly, because I didn't want people to think that I was stealing the pens, but the only place I could put them out of view was in my purse.  By the end of the day, I had probably accrued over $50 worth of quality pens.

This is not out of the norm for my boss to do this.  Usually at these day-long meetings he will bring back a handful of snacks each time he gets up and leave them in front of me.  And then everyone thinks I'm hoarding all of the good snacks.  AND he always manages to get a picture of me with all of it in front of me and he has a nice little folder of me looking like a snack-hoarding piglet.  So to be honest, the pens were a welcome.  I'm not going to eat the snacks, but I'll take the pens.

So, there was that and they fed us some pretty good Mexican food and gave me an award for having a positive attitude.  Which- I'm sure you're all rolling your eyes over after my little freak out up there over Blank Space.  Regardless, it was really sweet of them to recognize me for that.  I trotted up to the stage with my new purple hair and accepted the award and gift card and tried to make a speech like I was accepting a Grammy, but they took the microphone away.  JK that did not happen.  Would have been funny though.
We've got another day of meetings today and one more on Monday, then we should be set for at least a few months.  Wish me luck, and cross your fingers you don't see me in the evening news for stealing a substantial amount of quality pens.


  1. Isn't it crazy how happy office supplies can make you? I get samples of pens and notebooks and all sorts of stuff at work. People are tres jealous of my cool collection of things. Or they are just being nice. They are probably just being nice.

    You DO have a positive attitude. One of my favorite things about you. Congrats!

  2. Good office supplies are critical to happiness in life. When you come visit us someday, ask Ammon about how I am with pens... he thinks it's pathological.

    Also, it's no surprise they gave you an award for having a positive attitude! You totally deserve to be recognized for it, and I'm glad that they did =)


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