So, I accomplished nothing last night.

That's not entirely true.  I did work out.  It was Week 9 leg day of this program I've been doing.  And let me tell you what- it nearly murdered me.  This is my second time through this 12-week program and I thought for some stupid reason it would be easier the second time around. But I barely made it through it last night.  I'm crediting that to the fact that last Friday was also leg day, then we went snowboarding on Saturday, and then I ran 12 miles on Sunday, and my poor noodle legs hadn't had a chance to recoup. In fact, I'm sure that's the reason I struggled so badly.  And our clubhouse is being renovated right now, so I can't even get a good soak in the hot tub. Woe is me.
So I got home just in time to do a small veggie roast, grill up some balsamic chicken with tomatoes and mozzerella and wrap myself up in a blanket burrito to watch the Bachelor. YES, I'm still watching that show.  And with nearly every second of my days lately being spoken for, that really tells you where the Bachelor falls on my list of priorities.  And then immediately after the Bachelor, Landon and I watched the latest episode of the Walking Dead.  Not a stitch of homework was done.

That's a winning Monday if you ask me.


  1. I'm watching The Bachelor this year for the first time ever. I hate how much I love it.

  2. I live for those nights where I do no homework these days. They seem to be few and far between. Also, I love noodle-legs from running, but hate when I get them from strength training. Probably because I know what if I strength train that hard, It's going to hurt to pee for the next 4 days.


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