"RUNsets and Omlettes"

It felt so good to be back to normal work yesterday.  However, I was dead tired when I got home.  I've been listening to A Wise Man's Fear (the sequel to The Name of the Wind) on Audible while I drive to and from work and I was at a really good spot when I got home yesterday.  So I grabbed some snacks and crawled into bed to listen for a little while longer before I went for my run.  Fast forward an hour to when I was woken up by Landon's phone call.  I cannot tell you most of our conversation because I was so incoherent.  I was also frantically trying to change into my running clothes because the sun was going to set in 30 minutes and I had to run four miles still.  Poor Landon had to try to muddle through a conversation with a barely conscious (and probably not totally friendly) human being for the space of a few minutes until he finally gave up.  He called me again right when I was finishing my run and I apologized profusely for everything I couldn't remember I had said.

The run was beautiful, though.  I had to rewind about 45 minutes worth of my audio book that I had slept through and decided I'd rather listen to that than music on my run.  I think it may have slowed me down a little, I rely heavily on the beat of music to keep my stride in pace, but the book IS SO GOOD.  And since I left so late, I was able to watch the sun set behind Mt. Timpanogus and watch the colors bleed across the sky.  Very few things make me happier than sunsets, and getting to do my run right in the middle of a fiery one is my perfect workout; to which I will now be referring to as a RUNset.  At the turn around point, I paused my workout apps and my book and I stood to watch the last few minutes of it all before I turned my back to it.  It was one of those moments where it felt amazing to be alive.  I'm sure it was a mix of endorphins, my love for sunsets and my Utah mountains, and the poetic words of Patrick Rothfuss in my head.
When I got home, Landon met me at the door with Subway because I had slept through the time I had set aside to go grocery shopping, bless his heart.  We watched the latest episode of the Walking Dead which I screamed and cursed angrily through the entire time, and then we went upstairs to do more homework.  Landon was working on an assignment I had already turned in a few days ago and the last question was, "If you could be anybody in time, who would you be?"  Landon asked me who I had put down.  Without answering his question, I repeated back to him, "Who did you put?"  He laughed and said, "Travis Pastrana."  And I kicked my head back in a delighted laugh and said, "I put Lynd-z Pastrana!!" Who is the lucky woman who is married to Travis and the mother of his two beautiful daughters.  I stretched my arms up and bent my back over the back of the chair and I was looking at Landon upside down and I said to him, "That's like- the sweetest thing ever.  Even if we could switch places with other people, you and I would still be married!  We really are soulmates!"  He smiled back at me and said, "Yes, we are."  I just love that guy.

I woke up this morning wishing I had another three hours to sleep, but I was also starving so I crawled out of bed to go whip up some breakfast.  It's classic me to find something I like and eat it so frequently that I end up hating it.  In an effort to not do that I decided to take a break from my peanut butter and maple syrup toast to make an omelette.  I'm kind of weird and only like eggs either hard boiled or over medium; scrambled eggs gross me out and I've never been one to go for the omelette at brunch.  But I had some left over tomatoes, spinach, onions and cheese and I figured I'd shake things up a bit and go for it.  I can't say I loved it, because I don't love eggs like that, but I was heavy enough on the mix-ins that I didn't have to wash each bite down with a hurried gulp of water.  Maybe next time I'll even get brave enough for some hot sauce or salsa.  Naturally, I had to take a snap of it with a pun-driven caption, and naturally I had to ruin the joke by misspelling the pun; it's part of my brand.
Good one, Whit.

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  1. Workouts around sunrise or sunsets are the most magical workouts in the world. When I worked nights, I would go for hikes by myself right around sunrise. Those still remain the best hikes I've ever taken.

    Also, sleep > grocery shopping. Always.


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