Smoke Detectors

So, this June will be five years since Landon and I got married.  After that long we don't have many "firsts" left to get out of the way.  Well, last night I scratched one of the few left off the list; I set off our smoke detector while cooking dinner.  I'm not even sure exactly what set it off?  There wasn't any smoke and my dinner wasn't burned, but it gave me a heart attack and set Josh running for the hills.  Well, my bedroom, where he didn't come out from under out bed until Landon got home in time to eat a delicious and not even slightly burned meal.
Now, this isn't a first in my life, just since I've been married.  It made me think back to the last time a smoke detector was set off in the kitchen and when the memory came to mind, I laughed and laughed.  It was when I was in college (weird saying that since I'm technically still in college) and my roommate Shelise was cooking something on the stove.  We had been living together for nearly a year and in that time I had taken hundreds of photos and printed a large amount of them off and hung them on the wall in our kitchen.  We called it, "The Wall of Fame" or, "Wall of Shame" depending on which photos made it up.  I've been sifting through old photos to see if there was a picture of it anywhere, I'm sure there is one on my old laptop, but this was the best one I could find.  And in the spirit of TBT, I figured it would do just fine.
That's my other roommate, Lindy.  This was right before we went to the Festival of Colors for the first time.  Ugh, I miss that beautiful little fairy child.  ANYWAY, there is the Wall of Fame back there.  It sprawled all the way across our kitchen wall, nearly top to bottom.  So when Shelise was cooking whatever it was on the stove, something went wrong.  We either got distracted, it was too dry, I don't know, whatever it was- it caught on fire.

Smoke started to billow, not huge plumes or anything, but her food was burning and the smoke detector started to scream and shortly after so did Shelise and I.  She ran to the stove yelling, "WHAT DO WE DO?! WHAT DO WE DO?!" But my mind was not on the open flame on our stove, it was on my glorious wall of photos that was about to be drowned by the sprinklers if the smoke got too thick. "MY PICTURES!!!" I screamed as I ran to the wall and began clawing at it.  I don't know what my plan was, all I knew was I needed to get my photos down before they were ruined.  But there were literally hundreds of them.  And even if I did manage to knock them all down, then they were on the floor and still not out of harm's way.  AND they were just dumb pictures, printed off at Walmart!  Clearly, not what was important at the second! I should have been focusing on helping put out the fire!

I don't think we even put the flame out.  I think it ended up burning itself out rather quickly.  The smoke detectors shut off as we waved the smoke out our kitchen window and we stood there in contemplative silence for a moment; photos all around our feet.  She never let me live that down; the fact that my pictures were more important than the fire.  I found it interesting how different the both of us reacted when faced with an emergency- neither of which were productive.

It's a miracle I've survived this long on my own.

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  1. I've had a run in or two with my smoke detectors as well. But one time I wasn't home when it was going off, and the stove was on! Luckily I keep the batteries fresh, change the detectors every 8-10 years, and have an electrical expert take a look every so often. They worked perfectly and my house was spared!

    Neville @ Electrical Experts


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