Snow Storms and Who Hair

What a cold and snowy this weekend has brought us.  It took me over an hour to get to work again today because the roads were so bad.  I'm finding a hard time being upset about it, though. I'm relishing in every snowflake that has so graciously fallen on us after the pathetic excuse for a winter we got last year.  Every storm is like a gift to me now.  I promise a large population of Utah would stone me for saying that.  It dumped on us though, starting Friday night and straight on through.

I was so proud of myself for making the switch with my 8 mile run on Thursday.  Saturday morning when I got up and it was freezing rain and very windy, so knowing that I had saved myself 3 miles in that mess got me a pat on the back.  I will say, as much as last winter broke my heart due to lack of snow, training for my last half marathon was a dream compared to now.  Literally, this time last year I was running outside in a tank top and shorts because it was 60+ degrees outside.  And I was trying to channel those memories as I was skidding on black ice and losing my feet in deep, slushy puddles on my Saturday run.

I was glad I got that out of the way early, though, because the blizzard hit not long after I got home.  We left the house around 9:30 to go watch Landon's little brother, Kenyon, in his cross-country ski race.  The from there we went to get our usual kolaches and head up to the mountain. I was hoping the storm would dissuade the masses from wanting to leave their warm houses and hotel rooms, but if anything it drew them out even more.  It was two hours later that we finally got up on the mountain.  I was an inch away from saying, "Let's go home, this isn't worth it."  But the second we were on the lift and I saw what we were about to hit? It was totally worth it.  We got off the first lift and hiked up a little ways to hit these runs that nobody was on.  It was knee-deep powder all the way down.  I mentioned a couple posts ago how Landon likes to take me on moguls and how they are more than just a challenge for me, but when the snow is that good, I just go balls to the wall.  I pretty much fall down the entire mountain, but it doesn't hurt at all.  Days like that are the days where I actually push myself because I'm not scared of getting hurt.
We did that run once, and then proceeded to make our way to the summit, or as it's named, Jupiter's Peak.  Fun fact: I've never been to Jupiter before.  Aside from last year, I haven't had a pass to Park City since I was a little kid and the double black diamonds weren't even a thought in my conscious mind.  And then last year, when the snow was non-existent, I didn't even entertain the thought of trying to make my way down it.
But days like Saturday are the days you go to Jupiter.  And so we did.  I thought the run we had done previous was the greatest thing on earth, and then we made it to the peak.  And I looked down at the untouched powder that stretched as far as the eye could see, and I nearly cried.  It was like surfing on a cloud.  The large billows of snow carried my board with such care and the trees stood at attention.  My soul feels a joy that I almost dare not to describe for fear on not doing it justice.

All I can say is the mountains free my spirit; in them, I am more myself than anywhere else on earth.

And I am so happy that my very best friend finds himself just as happy boarding down a mountain.  And that he is the reason I ever even learned to snowboard and fall in love again with winter.  We have so much fun together.  Also, he was radiating beard envy now that his is gone.  He's in full-on beard growing mode again.  He said he misses his "natural face mask." Gah, you guys, the snow was unREAL.  I'm dying that I'm sitting here at work right now and not shredding some serious gnar instead.

We got home that night, just- flat out exhausted.  I grabbed some teriyaki chicken and rice bowls, got a Redbox and vegged on the couch for the rest of the night.  Seriously, Saturdays are my very favorite.

Yesterday was our typical Sunday.  Sleep in, go to church, get home and change and head up to Sunny's for a delicious Sunday lunch with the family.  We eat until we can't move and then we lie around on the couch and next to her fireplace and just talk and laugh.  It's how a Sunday should be spent, in my opinion.  Good food, good company and just lay around while the dogs make the rounds from person to person to see who will spare a scratch behind the ear.

It's also the day when I sometimes try to look decent enough.  I finally got brave enough to try this top-knot trend that I've been seeing all over Pinterest.  I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but I was pleasantly satisfied with my result.
When I finished doing it, I turned to Landon and said, "Do you like my hairstyle?"  and he was like, "Oh, yeah! Looks great!" I laughed and went into our bedroom to change and he followed me in saying, "Wait- you're done with your hair?"  And I was like, "I thought you said you liked it!"  And he was like, "I thought you were kidding!"  I told him it was all the rage right now, and he didn't believe me.  He told me I looked like a Who.  I laughed at his reaction; this is the first time he has ever really had an opinion on my hairstyle.  I told him I was wearing it, I told him it was in fashion.  He didn't believe me.  When we got to church and I got multiple compliments on it, and people saying they keep seeing it on Pinterest, I would smile at Landon and give him those, "told you" eyebrows.  And yes, I look like a Who, but these days doesn't everybody?

How was your weekend?

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  1. You are so hip and trendy!

    The worst part about living in Ohio is the lack of mountains. I could cry about it.


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