Superbowl Yoga and Mermaid Hair

How about that weekend, huh?  It was just about as crazy as I expected it to be.  We didn't end up making it to the Mogul Freestyles Saturday night which I was pretty bummed about, but we still had a ton of stuff to do.  Saturday we did go snowboarding and we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up our house for Sunday.  That part of our life has definitely been on the neglected side.  I mean, we aren't living in a disaster zone, but it was so nice to just get everything picked up.

Sunday we had church and my family came up for my dad's birthday/Superbowl party.  I've never hosted a Superbowl party before, and even though ours was small, I still felt pretty rad about it.  We had a nacho bar and an assortment of cookies and marshmallow popcorn.  I also made these sweet potato bites with guac and bacon.  I tried to keep it pretty healthy (with the exception of the cookies) so I wouldn't feel like I had ruined my progress in one sitting.

We watched the game, but at the same time sent out a million snaps of us being dumb.  Mariah and I started trying out some acro yoga; turns out I'm a lot more flexible than she is.  The result was the same in nearly every pose: us on the floor in a fit of giggles.  My dad eventually got tired of watching us crash and burn and he jumped in to help us succeed.  Really, this was the picture of what our Superbowl evening looked like:
And capturing this moment was not nearly as easy as this looks.  We almost came crashing down right on top of Brenden.  There was a lot of trust there to lay directly underneath us when he had been watching us fall all night long. When the game was over we sang happy birthday to my dad.  I made him a cookie cake, but totally dropped the ball when it came to getting candles for it.  So we gathered all the scented candles in my house and lit them next to my cake for him to blow out.  It was real classy.

They all left after awhile and Landon and I crawled into bed utterly exhausted.  I wasn't feeling great yesterday morning, so I texted in sick and got some much needed sleep.  I also was able to get some homework done and in the afternoon when I was feeling a lot better I got a run in.  After which, I headed to a hair appointment I had made and had the chick dye my hair purple.  I've been wanting to do this for a long time now, and I finally just did it.  I love it, Landon loves it, it's just perfect.
And underneath all the purple there is some pink and blue and teal mixed in there.  I feel like a mermaid and I never want normal colored hair again.  


  1. I could NOT be more obsessed with your hair. I've always wanted to do something like that. Also...I think I need to make those sweet potato bites.

  2. Those sweet potatoes look TRULY dreamy. Almost as dreamy as that mermaid hair. I love it so much!!!

  3. I would totally get mermaid hair if I thought I could do so and still be taken seriously as an accountant. It's sooooooo pretty I can't stand it! Also, I wholeheartedly approve of football parties where people do things other than watching football.

  4. I am such a fan of all of this-- your hair, YOUR FAMILY, that food! YOU!


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