"This is Beard"

I mentioned yesterday that Landon and I went snowboarding on Saturday (like always) and it was a MADHOUSE.  I'm assuming the Freestyles brought the crowds, I can't think of anything else.  Well, when we were on our way to go back down to the truck we had to take the Tombstone lift which is one of the busiest.  When we boarded up to it, there wasn't even a hint of a line, it was just mass chaos.  I looked at Landon and said, "Let's just hit the singles line and try to get through this as quickly as possible."  He nodded and followed behind me as we skated past the crowds and were on the lift in a timely manner.  Sometimes you get lucky in the singles line and you can still get on with your friend, but most of the time you have to split up and Landon and I didn't get to ride together that time.  I got on the lift with three guys on the opposite side of the chair, a girl and another guy next to me. As soon as we started up the mountain, one of the guys on the other side starts spinning his hand with his index finger out and looking at the rest of us saying, "Do this with me."  The two next to me and I kind of looked at him for a second and laughed, so I started to do it with him and his other friend, the girl followed me and the guy next to me was holding out.  The guy who started it was like, "Come on, man, he won't break out the beer unless everyone is doing this."  Which broke him and he laughed as he joined in.  He said, "This is a new tradition that we just started a couple lifts ago.  We have to get everyone doing this before he opens another beer."  We all got to talking and telling each other where we were from and where we were staying when the guy who brought us all together says, "You guys should totally come over to the house we're staying at!  You go down Serendipity and turn at the moose! We've invited everyone and nobody has shown up yet!" and then he looked at me and points and says, "I don't even know what you look like, and you still are invited!" (My beard and goggles hide my face completely.)  I was like, "Well, lucky for you, I'm super hot." We all laughed about it and he was like, "It doesn't even matter because you're obviously effing cool!"  And I was all, "That's true.  If nothing else, I have a great personality.  Because, spoiler alert, there is another beard under this beard."  And he was like, "Alright!!"  and we joked and laughed for the rest of the ride up the mountain.

It was the most fun I've had on a lift since the day I boarded in my bra, and I genuinely wanted to go and hang out with all of them at the house off Serendipity.  Unfortunately, I was still planning on going to the Moguls Freestyle with my family and friends and I didn't think I was going to be able to do both.  Now I'm kicking myself because those plans fell through. When we got off the lift, the three guys caught up with their big group and were all gathering to get their picture taken.  I skated over to Landon and was about to buckle into my board when the one guy yells to me, "Beard!!! Are you coming?!"  And I look over to see them waiting for the photo, so I skate back to them as quickly as I can and crouch down to pose in their picture.  One of their friends was like, "Who is that?!"  And the guy was like, "This is Beard.  We met her on the lift. She's super cool."  The lady took our picture and I said a quick goodbye before I went back over to Landon and we headed down to the truck.

The three guys behind me were the ones I was on the lift with.  The one in the middle of them in the blue suit was the one who named me Beard and invited me over to hang out with all of them.  This was just another one of those moments where I felt so lucky to have a glimpse of what kind of people are out there.  People who I don't know exist but are happy and putting good energy out into the world.  I'm bummed we missed out on the party, but I'm so glad I was able to spend just a little bit of time with them and get to feel their spirit.  They had a lot of it.

And Beard is my new favorite nickname.

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  1. "Luck for you I'm super hot." You are the best, Whitney.


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