Weekend Update

Praise the heavens, I am back to work today!  I mean, I've been working, but Thursday, Friday and yesterday we have been in day long meetings and I'm just excited to be able to move around at my heart's desire, go outside, use the bathroom whenever I want, you know; it's the little things. Yesterday was our MSHA refresher and it went about as great as it ever does, however yesterday it was in Layton and we had to be there at 6:00 AM.  Layton is about an hour and fifteen minutes away from Midway AND I was going to a family party directly after, so I knew I wasn't going to have time to work out afterward.  So I made the executive decision the night before and set my alarm for THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING so I could work out.  You don't have to tell me; I know I'm insane.  But I'm also in such a routine that the thought of disrupting my work out schedule was more painful to me than waking up at an ungodly hour.
We went to my cousin's house last night and partied all night too, so when my alarm went off this morning at 5:11 this morning I had to fight off tears and curses.  I haven't even looked at how far I have to run today when I get home from work either.  I just want to go take a nap.

This weekend was awesome though!! Busy, but great.  Friday night we stayed in, I cooked Landon some dinner and we did homework and I fell asleep watching Lilo and Stitch on Netflix.  Saturday I woke up early to run 4 miles in the beautiful 32 degrees outside.  I mean, it was just a dream.  We hit the mountain right after I got back and it continued to be a gorgeous day.  We took it kind of easy because Landon's little cousin was skiing for the first time ever and we stuck to groomers and greens. We still had fun, though.  Days like that we like to mess around and just play; and like I said, it was such a perfect day it was impossible not to have a good time. AND this was the first day this season that it was warm enough for me to go sans beard.  Now I know how Landon feels when he shaves.
We only stayed until noon because we had plans to go to another one of those Bubble Ball parties.  Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I was blogging much the last time we had a party.  I'll have to check after I post this.  Basically, it's a game of soccer, but everyone is inside of their own bubble-ball contraption.  There are shoulder straps and handles inside of them to keep you from falling out when you inevitably get body slammed and you go rolling across the floor.  Last time we did it, it was summer and we played on an actual soccer field.  On Saturday, we did it in a church gym.  The pro's and con's to each of those was that the grass was much more forgiving when you'd get hit and you'd slam your knees on the ground.  The hardwood floor in the gym left us all with bruises speckled across our legs.  However, the full-length soccer field was practically suicide and you were calling for a sub after dribbling the ball down the field and back.  In the gym, it was just a basketball court and we could play for nearly 15 minutes before we'd collapse on the floor, drenched in sweat.  Regardless of locations, though, Bubble Ball is a party no matter what.  I seriously want to buy one for myself so I can just go roll around at the park by myself.

After that, Landon took me to Tucanos where I ate my entire body weight in different sorts of Brazillian meats, grilled pineapple and broccoli salad.  A bubble ball would have been beneficial afterward to roll me out of the restaurant; it's been a long time since I've eaten that much in one sitting.  I was so freaking hungry, though.  We hardly ate anything that day and after running 4 miles, snowboarding for a couple hours and then two hours of running (rolling) around I was ready to eat an entire wildebeest.  Props to Landon for making reservations for us at the most popular restaurant in town; he knows how to take care of his woman.
Sunday was a lot of laying around; as it tends to be most weekends.  We wear ourselves out on Saturday and then ignore our Apple Watches all day Sunday when it tells us to get up and move around for a minute. You know, really stick it to Siri.  I did manage to make us a pretty incredible lunch before I let my body morph into the couch, though.  I whipped up some stuffed salmon, garlic steaks, hand-mashed red potatoes, fresh, buttery rolls and some garlic-parmesan roasted asparagus.  I mean, I'm so close to just opening my kitchen as a restaurant.  A couple hours later we enjoyed my homemade cheesecake with brownie crust.  It was a perfect Valentines weekend with the love of my life.
This weekend I definitely over indulged in the food department. YOLO. (am I using that correctly?) Whatever.  I'm running a half-marathon in 3 weeks, I need the extra calories. RIGHT?! right.

Anyway, glad all those meetings are over and I can get back into my routine.  
I'm such a creature of habit.

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