RIP My Left Butt Cheek

Fancy running into you here.  I realize it's been a week since I sat down and busted out a post, but listen- it's been a whirlwind of a week.  Between going back and forth from my parent's, to taking two sick days in a row, to snowboarding and Easter... I've had a lot going on.

I believe I left off last Tuesday.  That night Landon and I were up in Ogden with my dad and brother and sister.  My dad took me shopping and hooked me up with another pair of jeans (that I would never be able to afford by myself) from my favorite store.  Then the rest of us met up to eat dinner and go indoor surfing at Flow Rider.  My dad got a killer deal for us all to be able to go.  That is one of my favorite activities to do.  I had a mishap this time though.  I was surfing and riding up and down the wave and I spun a 360.  When I came around though, my balance was a little off and resulting in me riding all the way to the top of the wave and as I tried to regain my balance. Well, I failed and the board flew out from under me like I had slipped on a banana peel, but since I was at the top of the wave, when I fell on my butt I didn't land on the mat, I landed on the metal grate. And from the gasps of the people down below and the pain that shot through my entire body- it obviously was not a soft landing.  Luckily, I didn't land on my tailbone, it's more just my left butt cheek, but holy cow is it bruised.  I didn't pay much attention to it for the rest of the session because I was having so much fun, but after we were dried off and on our way home it started to throb and hasn't stopped for the last week.
Fast forward through a couple sick days where I caught up on all of my TV shows while dying on the couch.

Saturday we went snowboarding- OF COURSE.  Do you people think that we actually do anything else with our time?  We are creatures of habit. And we only have two more weekends left until the resort closes, so we are trying to make the most of our last few days.  My favorite part about Spring boarding is that it's warm enough to get away with wearing a hoodie and leggings.  (It hasn't been warm enough, though, to only wear a bra like I did last year.)  I don't know why I love it so much, but I get such a freeing feeling when I'm not bundled up in six layers.  But even though my body wasn't cold on Saturday, my face was!  I was laughing so hard because I felt like I had a botched plastic surgery on my lips.  When I would talk, Landon could hardly understand me because my lips were not working like they were supposed to.  At that point we decided to hit the lodge for some hot coco and call it a day.

After boarding, we went shopping for a new Easter outfit.  I really just wanted a shirt to go with the new jeans my dad had bought me, but oh my gosh, nothing was looking good!! I don't know if whats in right now just doesn't work on me or what- but I could not find anything I liked.  I finally found a shirt and a necklace that I liked enough to spend money on, but wow- what an unsuccessful shopping trip that was.

We got done shopping just in time to go see Batman vs. Superman, which was meh.  I'm not way into super hero movies, but I could have waited for that one to come to Redbox.

Sunday, we went to church and only had one kid in our Primary class.  Landon and I had a bag of chocolate eggs for the kids, but since he was the only one and I don't want a bag of chocolate laying around my house I told him he could have it all.  I don't think I've ever seen a kid so happy in church. After church was over, we met up with Landon's family at the park up the road.  We had a picnic and fed some over-zealous ducks and played Tag on the playground.  I'm sure it was quite a sight watching five grown humans running around a playground like it was recess in 3rd grade.  I don't even remember who was "it" but they had me cornered at the top, so I swung myself down this slide that had some bumps in it and I was going so fast I caught some air on the first bump and landed hard on my already bruised butt cheek. Again- I was having so much fun that I didn't pay much attention to it, but when Tag was over I was feeling it.  And then the next day was leg day and I don't think my butt will ever heal at this point.  So. Much. Pain.
Anyway, that's what I've been up to for the past week.  I need to get somethings in order starting this week.  We have a ton of homework we have to do by tomorrow and I need to get back into a new workout routine.  I've been slacking big time since BBG ended and I ran my half marathon.  I started BBG 2.0 on Monday, but I need to get better about my eating again and really buckle down.  We are going to Hawaii in May, so I have six weeks to get my abs back.  Wish me luck!!

Who Wore It Better

Happy Tuesday my beautiful people! How are things? Things are good here, it's snowing violently at the moment.  But- it's too warm to stick to the ground down here, so it's really just turning everything into a cold, slushy mess.  But I don't mind! Because that means that it's snowing even harder in the mountains where it is cold enough to stick and will keep the resorts open for that (clap) much (clap) longer (clap).

I was actually talking to Landon about that last night, I told him I was going to miss snowboarding so much! I can't think of a time in my life, save these last few years, where I just didn't want winter to end because I didn't want to stop snowboarding.  I realize we will have more things to do on the weekends like dirt biking and mountain biking, but I'm just going to really miss the snow.

But, I am glad that I will continue to get to spend so much time in the mountains.  They are my favorite place to be; it's just so clear and clean and beautiful, ugh, my spirit feels so alive there.  When I told Landon I was going to miss snowboarding, he asked what we were going to spend our weekends doing and I told him, "Mountain biking, duh."  I've been seeing more and more cars near my work with their bikes on the back of their cars and it's getting me PUMPED.  And someone posted on the Park City Trails FB page yesterday saying the trail system Round Valley was dry enough for runners/hikers and hopefully in a few more weeks, bikes. Because reader/bikers beware: Park City residents with have your head on a pike if you ride in the mud on your bike.  (that initially wasn't going to rhyme, but I saw the opportunity and I took it.)  And while I agree with them, I can't call myself a Park City resident until my paycheck shows at least four more zeros on the end of it and I have vacation homes in three different destinations. Bonus points if I own one or more exotic pets like the guy off the PC exit on Highway 40 who has a buffalo and zebra that roam around in his yard. Actually, I heard he's on his second zebra because the first one died.  And I'm no zoologist or biologist or whatever, but I wonder if it has anything to do with our climate?!  And that there is a reason that zebras don't exist here unless they are in a climate controlled exhibit at the zoo?!


Well.  This post took a weird turn.

For those of you looking for the highlights of this one-sided conversation:

1. I don't want the snow to melt.
2. But I really want to go mountain biking.
3. Zebras are a questionable animal to own in Utah.
4. Buffalo are okay because they are NATIVE to this region.
5. But also, buffalo are kind of a questionable animal to own.

While I go deal with my conflicting feelings over winter and summer activities, let me leave you with this question:

Who wore Park City better?? Summer? or Winter??

Post Script: It's snowing substantially harder now that it was when I started writing this post, and it is indeed now sticking to the ground.  So, *raises glass* cheers to a few more weeks of snowboarding.

The Zion Half Marathon

*forewarning this is an extremely long post with a lot of pictures and probably a lot of typos.*

It is time I tell you about my race.  I've been super busy just trying to catch up with work and things (naps), but I'm here now to tell you all about it.  And I don't even really know where to begin; probably at the start, huh?


I left work early on Friday and the plan was to leave our house by noon at the latest so we could go to the expo that was being held at the finish line location.  It was also where I needed to pick up my bib, Hydrocup (which I didn't use) and my free t-shirt.  The expo was ending at 6 pm and it was a 4 1/2 hour drive from Midway, so I figured leaving by noon, getting there at 4:30, stay for an hour or so, be in St. George by 7, eat dinner and be in bed by 8.  That was my ideal plan.  That didn't happen.  My  sister was running late and on top of that they had some car issues that slowed them down.  We didn't leave Midway until about 1:45 making our estimated arrival time 6:15.  I was bummed that we were probably going to miss the expo, but happy that my mom and sister's car didn't die on the drive up, resulting in us driving down without them.  But lucky for us, I'm married to a rock star who drove 85 MPH the entire drive and got us there by 5:47, giving us 15 minutes to walk around the booths, buy some swag, smash a penny, and get my bib and race supplies.  All was well and we were in St. George by 8 o'clock; only an hour behind my original schedule.

Road trips with us are a lot of fun.  Most of it consists of snap chatting each other's faces when someone falls asleep, aka my mom.  And when we're not doing that, Mariah and I are blasting songs that were played at our 6th grade dance like the Chicken Dance and the Macarena.  And Landon has to try to keep the truck on the road as I climb over the console and get in the back seat to do the dances with her.  But there isn't any room in the back so my legs are spread eagle around both sides of his seat and my feet are in his face.  It's a miracle we arrived safely.

We sent Landon out for food because even though we were only an hour behind schedule, I still needed to get to bed as early as possible because we had to be up at 4 AM to get ready to leave on time.  He brought home Hungry Howie's Pizza and bread sticks and we laid in bed devouring nearly all if it in a matter of minutes.  Landon and I went straight to bed afterward, but the other two were up to 1 AM dealing with Mariah's shenanigans. I had calculated the time it took to drive from St. George to the starting line of the race and it was about 40 minutes, I also took into account the traffic and parking situation, all in all I decided we needed to leave at 4:45 to get me there by the 6 o'clock cut off.  But I didn't tell my mom and Mariah that.  Oh no, Mariah needs at least a 15 minute buffer, so I told her we had to be out of the house by 4:30 or we wouldn't make it in time.  We were in the car, pulling out of the drive-way at 4:45 on the dot.

Funny story, I had been checking the weather all week for Saturday morning; I even got emails from the race people that it was going to be around 67 degrees at the start and rise to about 72 by the end of the race.  Despite that being nearly double the temps I was used to training in, I still wore my long leggings, wool socks and a hoodie over my tank top that I fully planned on ditching before we even got out of the car.  But as I ran out the door to get in the truck, I was hit with a wall of rain.  I'm telling you, I've never been so surprised in my life as I was in that moment.  It was pitch black outside, so I had no clue that it was raining.  And everything leading up to this point had said that it was going to be perfect weather.  It may as well have been a fire hose blasting me in the face and I'm sure I woke up the neighbors with the string of profanities I shouted as I sprinted to the truck.  I was really glad I had dressed appropriately because we didn't have any time to go back inside to change.  Poor Landon wore shorts and ended up buying a pair of $15 sweats at the gift shop because it ended up being so chilly and rainy.  It rained nearly our entire drive there, and I got an email on the way saying to drop the runners off and park your vehicle somewhere else because the mud was so bad.  So I said my goodbyes through the door and trudged my way across a mud field to the tent where we all kept warm until the start time.

The race was initially supposed to start at 6:30, but they pushed it back fifteen minutes due to the conditions and parking situation.  There were six different waves of runners and I ran with the 3rd putting me at about 2 1/2 hour finish time.  This race is entirely uphill, so I wasn't planning on setting any PR's, plus I had been running slower in my training which I am crediting to the cold.  Next race I train for, I'm aiming for at least 40 degree weather; -2 is pretty brutal.  I turned on my music and an app called RaceJoy that allows me to be tracked, so Landon and those guys could see where I was in the race and send me cheers which made me laugh every time.  I had a great start and was loving the scenery, seriously Zion is one of the most incredible places on Earth.  If you haven't been, you must go.
It was about 40 degrees by the time we were a few miles in, so I was comfortably warm and even sweating a little, but not too hot.  Also, Midway is about 1,700 feet higher in elevation than Zion, so I was feeling awesome with the richer oxygen I was getting.  This race was going perfectly and I was on Cloud 9; the mood changed drastically around mile 4, though.

I came running around a long bend in the road and up ahead of me was a bunch of flashing lights.  I could see two police trucks and an ambulance pulled off to the side of the road.  I wasn't sure what to think, but initially I just assumed that maybe someone had hurt their leg or something; the road had a pretty heavy slant to it and I had stumbled a time or two.  But when I got closer I could see about seven people standing around and as I ran past I saw what they were all watching: the medics performing CPR on a man on the ground.  He even had the defibrillator pads on his chest which means his heart had stopped.  I don't know if you guys have ever seen someone getting CPR, but it's pretty gruesome.  They tell you in CPR classes that if you're doing the compressions correctly you'll be breaking bones, so as I run past the scene that is exactly what I saw happening.  My heart dropped into my stomach that was already doing somersaults.  After I passed, I slowed down to a walk and said a silent prayer for the man.  For about the next mile and a half, there was a tangible mood of fear and sadness hanging around all of the runners.  All I could think about was the CPR refresher I just had in MSHA last month.  I was trying to bring back to memory everything they said, the steps, the rules, everything, just in case I needed to be the one to help a fellow runner.  Luckily, that did not happen.  And thankfully that man did pull through.  They sent out an email the next day saying that he was in the hospital recovering and attached a photo of him with the medal around his neck.  I'm so happy he pulled through, no doubt the first responders arriving so quickly are the reason he is alive.
After that part of the race, I hit mile 6 where we were greet with a very long, and relatively steep hill. It was nearly a mile long and when I initially saw it, I thought to myself, yeah, I'm gonna have to walk up most of that.  I decided I would run to a certain point of the hill and then I would be okay with walking up the rest of it.  Well, I got to that point and thought, mm, I could go a little further.  And I chose another spot to run to, and then I made it to that point and realized I could keep running. I did that several different times and before I knew it, I was at the top of the hill.  I turned my head back and marveled for a split second at the hill I had ran all the way up.  I don't doubt for a second that it had a lot to do with the fact that I trained at a much higher elevation and I wasn't getting winded nearly as much as I would have if I had tried to run a hill like that at home.
That hill was the halfway point and I felt pretty awesome until miles 9 to 11, which (aside from mile 6) were steeper than the rest and I was pretty tired at that point.  Another thing was that around that time the road started to get really slanted and it wasn't feeling great on my knees to be running on uneven ground.  But, we had left the highway part of the course and were now running through the little towns around Zion.  There were people outside cheering, the houses and buildings are adorable, and of course we are running through the most beautiful part of Utah, so even when it was hard, it was still amazing.
When I hit mile 12, I sent Landon a text and told him to round up the troops and get ready to meet me at the finish line.  I remember in the half I ran last year, I was all but dead in mile 12; I walked probably half of it.  But this time I was feeling incredible.  I had more energy than I could have imagined and I was would find myself grinning like an idiot at every person I passed, and I even started giggling like a little girl when I saw people walking towards us with their medals around their necks. As I passed the Mile 13 flag I got a little choked up, it is still amazing to me that this is something I can do now when a couple years ago I would have laughed in your face and probably spilled my Cheetos if you ever told me to run 1 mile let alone 13.  When I turned onto the last tenth of of mile and could see the finish line, I full on started sprinting.  I ran as hard as my rubbery legs would take me and laughed the whole way there.  I didn't hear it at the time because I had my music on, but Landon, Mariah and my mom cheered so loud the announcer started laughing over the speaker.  They showed me the video after and it's the best.  They are the best supporters!  
I didn't see them until after I grabbed my medal, but they were wearing neon yellow shirts that said, "Team Whitney" on them and Landon's even had an acronym for my name down it.  It said, "Wild, Hardcore, Incredible, Tall, Natty, Epic, Yummy."  And I asked him what the heck "natty" meant and was that the best adjective he could think of that started with an N.  He pulled it up on the internet and it said, "Smart and fashionable." which I could argue, but it was sweet all the same.  Actually, the other definition is, "denoting hair that is unstraightend, uncombed or matted, as in dreadlocks."  And after running 13 miles in the mud, rain and snow, that sounds a lot more appropriate. haha!!
So once the race was over and I had gotten all my treats and photos taken we were off to hike.  There were three different hikes I could do that if I took my picture at the top with my race bib and my medal I would get 50% off my entry next year.  Two of the hikes were inside the park and one was just outside of it.  We looked around at the thousands of people who just ran the race and were on their way to do the same thing and then saw the line of cars backed up as far as the eye could see just to get into the park and we decided to to the hike outside of it.  It was the Eagle Crag hike and it was gorgeous.  It was around 6 1/2 miles roundtrip and over the entire hike we saw about 6 other people on the trail; we definitely made the right call choosing that hike over the other two.

I was still feeling awesome until about the last 2 1/2 miles and then my body told me it was done.  The trail was narrow and pretty rocky and the bottoms of my feet had had it.  My knees were pretty achey too, at that point.  In fact, I'm still feeling sore from the whole day and it was four days ago!  And- I can honestly tell you that I've never been so ravenous in my (clap) entire (clap) life (clap).  All I could think about was dinner.  We had told Landon's dad who lives in St. George that we would meet up with them for dinner when we got back.  When we were in the truck, Landon called him and I told him to get us reservations for a steak dinner.  I didn't end up going with steak, but I got a plate of fried green tomatoes, a rack of ribs and a plate of sweet potato fries.  I ate nearly every crumb of food and I am pretty sure there wasn't a single person on the planet that was happier than I was.
When we got back to the house it was about 9 o'clock and the gang was all but asleep the second the were in their rooms.  I had to shake them back awake because I wanted to get in the hot tub.  I was already in my swimming suit and everything.  I went to get my towel and when I came back I heard Landon saying in mock tones, "My name is Whitney, I've been up since 4 AM, ran a half marathon, hiked 6 1/2 miles and I still have more energy than all of you."  I walked in the room and said, "Yeah!! You guys have no excuse! Get your suits on!"  And they did.  And they were happy too because that hot tub felt incredible after the day we had.  I nearly fell asleep just sitting there, and I was so relaxed that when we got out and got into bed, I was asleep within seconds.  It was the best day ever.
We had entertained the idea of doing another hike on Sunday, but with the time change, the amount of people still trying to get into the park, and the condition of our sore muscles, we decided to take a rain check.  We stopped by Landon's dad's place again to say goodbye and we were back on the road home by 2.  It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I wish we would have had more time down there because we had such a good time.  I got to hang out with my favorite people, run and hike in the most incredible place on Earth, eat delicious food and soak in a hot tub under a canopy of palm trees and stars.  It was magical.  And I will say this: If you have the chance to participate in one or more of the Vacation Races? Do it.  I want to sign up for every single one of them now because it was that cool.

Life-Hacks and New Vacuums

We are off to a good start on this beautiful Tuesday morning.  I can't decide if I'm saying that sarcastically or not.  Like, it's a beautiful morning and I'm not in a bad mood, but I've had setbacks already.  Starting with me sleeping through a barrage of alarms and being 15 minutes late for work.  Which is odd, because I put myself to bed last night earlier than I have in months.  So I got like, an extra two hours of sleep between going to bed early and waking up late.  This is probably why I'm in a good mood.  Another thing is that last night I was cleaning and I went to put some laundry away and I shut my middle finger in the dresser drawer.  A string of curse words slipped through my mouth as I hopped up and down around Landon who was on the floor doing sit-ups.  I looked at my finger and a disgusting amount of skin had been torn off and it was bleeding.  I got it cleaned up and it hardly looks like anything happened, but if even my shirt brushes against it, it stings like a mother.  Not fifteen minutes later I shut my thumb on the same hand in a drawer in the kitchen.  Same thing happened.  So now I have bandaids all over my hand and I am coddling it like a broken wing. If i didn't learn my lesson the first time, I definitely did the second time. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Another thing that happened last night was that I learned how to make Jiffy Lube change the oil in your vehicle in less than an hour.  A life-hack, if you will.  Take your car in an hour before they close and then tell them you'll be back in an hour and a half.  They'll be like, "Oh, actually we close at six, so please be back before then."  And then you'll be annoyed because you were going to go run 8 miles, but you can't do that in less than an hour, so you have to rearrange your entire route so you can be back to sign their paper by 5:59.  And then you'll still have to run another 2 1/2 miles even though you feel like you should be done.  I swear, Jiffy Lube, it's your life mission to be as inconvenient as possible.

On a positive note, some really awesome, adult things happened last night.  Not like, "adult" adult, but like, all of my favorite fruit at the grocery store was on sale when I went shopping.  Mangos, pineapples, and raspberries were all under a dollar and I literally danced a happy dance so aggressively that my cellphone flew out of my pocket and went sliding across the floor in the produce aisle.  AND- Landon bought us a new vacuum last week from Costco.  Our other vacuum basically just made lines in our carpet but didn't do anything else.  The final straw was when there was an airsoft BB (no one knows where that came from) on the floor and the vacuum wouldn't suck it up.  He came storming into the kitchen with it pinched between his fingers and said, "Feel this- feel how light it is. Our vacuum can't even suck that up."  It was very light.  Next thing I know we had a shiny new Shark vacuum in our living room.  He spent twenty minutes excitedly showing me all of the features and letting me test each one out and then proceeded to spend the next hour and a half vacuuming the entire house.  That sounds like a lot, and it would sound like even more to you if you realized how small our townhouse is.  I mean, it's not too small for us, but the entire square footage of our place is about 1,100 square feet and just over half of it is carpet, so- yeah.  He spent a really long time vacuuming not a lot of carpet.  It was adorable. So yeah, last night I vacuumed our living room again and I can definitely see what the fuss is all about.  Having a functioning vacuum is the best!!

So I'll say it again: we're off to a good start on this beautiful Tuesday morning!  I'll let you decide the tone.

3 Days of Meat, Spring Boarding, and Race Training

A week long hiatus wasn't definitely not in the plans, but it happened.  Last week was weird; it was busy at work, Tuesday we had a funeral to go to, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was the, "Three Days of Meat" competition my boss decided to hold.  Over Christmas, our company gave everyone a gift card to the Smith's grocery store to buy a turkey or whatever for Christmas dinner.  Apparently there were quite a few cards leftover at the main office and my boss swiped them, divided them among my co-workers and me, split us into three teams and we had to use them to buy and prepare a lunch for everyone.  It was a sort of team building exercise if you will.  I was appointed team captain early on and we had to spend the week planning what to make, who was going to make what, when to buy the food, presentation, and all that.  It was actually a lot of fun, and- my team won.  I won a Fitbit last week and when my boss told me I said, "That's awesome! I never win anything!" To which everyone protested, because I actually win a lot.  He's been giving me crap all week and when everyone voted on Three Days of Meat and my name had the most votes, he looked at me and said in mock tones, "I never win anything!"  I will never live it down.  Our lunch was bomb, though. We made sweet pork in crockpots, whipped up some tortillas, guac, tomatillo dressing, and all the other primo taco fixings.  Oh- and we grilled some pineapple, made a peach cobbler and served virgin margaritas; though had we not been on the clock, that may have been different.
So that was a lot of fun.  We beat out Baconfest 2016 which actually surprised me.  The team before us made chicken wrapped in bacon, bacon jalepeno poppers, bacon-wrapped lil smokies, bacon broccoli salad, and bacon popcorn.  My cholesterol sky-rocketed after that lunch.  And the team before that made this chicken curry on cauliflower rice that was SO good and unlike anything I had ever tasted before.  So yeah, winning that competition was pretty great because all of the food was delish.

Saturday, Landon and I hit the slopes as per the usual.  It's been hitting 60 degrees in the valley this last week and the snow is melting rapidly.  Spring boarding is when Landon and I like to goof around since the snow isn't great.  I wore my giraffe onesie that Tiff, Alissa and Kels got me for my birthday a couple years ago (the best present I've ever gotten) and I was a HIT.  Although, in retrospect I should have layered up a little bit more underneath because it didn't keep the cold out like snow clothes do.  haha! We got on the gondola to go to the top and we were literally 100 feet from the landing when it broke down.  Ski lifts stop all the time and it's no problem; it's usually just some noob who fell in front of the chair and they had to stop it to help them.  But when the gondola stops, that is not so normal.  I looked at Landon and was like, "That's not good."  We were stuck inside for nearly an hour.  Luckily, we had gotten one to ourselves so we weren't crammed in there with six other people.  We could lay down on the bench and just chill.  If you follow me on snapchat you probably saw a glimpse of the dance party I started towards the end. (If you don't follow me on SC, you should.  My username is whitneycalle; ADD ME.)
And yesterday, I was supposed to run 8 miles, but when I opened the door to head out I was greeted with a gust of wind and freezing rain.  I shut the door and turned around to look at Landon on the couch.  I was all dressed in my running gear and I asked skeptically, "Can I run in that?"  He just wanted me to stay in and cuddle and he shook his head rapidly and patted the cushion next to him.  I turned around and opened the door again and stared out into the elements.  I had been running in negative degrees, snow storms, wind storms and whatever the heck else Mother Nature threw my way all winter, but I watched the rain fall and the wind rushed through the door again before I closed it again and stood facing the window.  My race is this week and if I tried to run 8 miles in that I would no doubt get sick and it would do more damage than good.  Snow isn't bad to run in; it's cold and can get slippery, but it doesn't soak you to the bone.  I don't mind running in snow, but winter rain- that's a different story.  I took my shoes off, slipped off my jacket and told Landon I would wait and go after church and I wrapped myself up in a blanket next to him on the couch.  Well, the weather didn't totally let up after church so we ate lunch and took a nap.  Around 5 o'clock the rain stopped, but the wind was still howling.  At that point I knew that if I left, it would be dark halfway through my run and the clouds were still threatening to rain some more.  I made the executive decision to stay in and rearrange my workout schedule this week so I could fit it in before my race.  Landon and I folded a ton of laundry, ate dinner and I fell asleep on the couch around 8.  I woke up at 11 feeling absolutely horrible and I ran to the bathroom and laid on the tile until I finally threw up.  I have no idea what that was all about; I'm not sick and Landon and I ate all the same food yesterday, but something just did not sit well with me.  I staggered back to bed and Landon tickled my back until I fell back asleep; he is such a sweet husband.  I feel fine this morning, luckily.  Like I said, I definitely don't want to be sick this week so I'm glad I got whatever it was out of my system.

It's Spring Break and I don't know how I got so lucky that that landed on race week.  Now I don't have to juggle homework with everything else I have to do to get ready.  I'm getting so nervous and so excited!  Just thinking about it is giving me butterflies in my stomach.  I can't believe it's been nearly a year since my last half!  I am glad I was blogging about the training process this time.  I'm still mad I didn't document the Tulip Half, but whatever.  I was going through a phase.  

So yeah- there is an entire week condensed into a couple paragraphs.  I know you were all so curious.  

Have a great Monday!!
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