3 Days of Meat, Spring Boarding, and Race Training

A week long hiatus wasn't definitely not in the plans, but it happened.  Last week was weird; it was busy at work, Tuesday we had a funeral to go to, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was the, "Three Days of Meat" competition my boss decided to hold.  Over Christmas, our company gave everyone a gift card to the Smith's grocery store to buy a turkey or whatever for Christmas dinner.  Apparently there were quite a few cards leftover at the main office and my boss swiped them, divided them among my co-workers and me, split us into three teams and we had to use them to buy and prepare a lunch for everyone.  It was a sort of team building exercise if you will.  I was appointed team captain early on and we had to spend the week planning what to make, who was going to make what, when to buy the food, presentation, and all that.  It was actually a lot of fun, and- my team won.  I won a Fitbit last week and when my boss told me I said, "That's awesome! I never win anything!" To which everyone protested, because I actually win a lot.  He's been giving me crap all week and when everyone voted on Three Days of Meat and my name had the most votes, he looked at me and said in mock tones, "I never win anything!"  I will never live it down.  Our lunch was bomb, though. We made sweet pork in crockpots, whipped up some tortillas, guac, tomatillo dressing, and all the other primo taco fixings.  Oh- and we grilled some pineapple, made a peach cobbler and served virgin margaritas; though had we not been on the clock, that may have been different.
So that was a lot of fun.  We beat out Baconfest 2016 which actually surprised me.  The team before us made chicken wrapped in bacon, bacon jalepeno poppers, bacon-wrapped lil smokies, bacon broccoli salad, and bacon popcorn.  My cholesterol sky-rocketed after that lunch.  And the team before that made this chicken curry on cauliflower rice that was SO good and unlike anything I had ever tasted before.  So yeah, winning that competition was pretty great because all of the food was delish.

Saturday, Landon and I hit the slopes as per the usual.  It's been hitting 60 degrees in the valley this last week and the snow is melting rapidly.  Spring boarding is when Landon and I like to goof around since the snow isn't great.  I wore my giraffe onesie that Tiff, Alissa and Kels got me for my birthday a couple years ago (the best present I've ever gotten) and I was a HIT.  Although, in retrospect I should have layered up a little bit more underneath because it didn't keep the cold out like snow clothes do.  haha! We got on the gondola to go to the top and we were literally 100 feet from the landing when it broke down.  Ski lifts stop all the time and it's no problem; it's usually just some noob who fell in front of the chair and they had to stop it to help them.  But when the gondola stops, that is not so normal.  I looked at Landon and was like, "That's not good."  We were stuck inside for nearly an hour.  Luckily, we had gotten one to ourselves so we weren't crammed in there with six other people.  We could lay down on the bench and just chill.  If you follow me on snapchat you probably saw a glimpse of the dance party I started towards the end. (If you don't follow me on SC, you should.  My username is whitneycalle; ADD ME.)
And yesterday, I was supposed to run 8 miles, but when I opened the door to head out I was greeted with a gust of wind and freezing rain.  I shut the door and turned around to look at Landon on the couch.  I was all dressed in my running gear and I asked skeptically, "Can I run in that?"  He just wanted me to stay in and cuddle and he shook his head rapidly and patted the cushion next to him.  I turned around and opened the door again and stared out into the elements.  I had been running in negative degrees, snow storms, wind storms and whatever the heck else Mother Nature threw my way all winter, but I watched the rain fall and the wind rushed through the door again before I closed it again and stood facing the window.  My race is this week and if I tried to run 8 miles in that I would no doubt get sick and it would do more damage than good.  Snow isn't bad to run in; it's cold and can get slippery, but it doesn't soak you to the bone.  I don't mind running in snow, but winter rain- that's a different story.  I took my shoes off, slipped off my jacket and told Landon I would wait and go after church and I wrapped myself up in a blanket next to him on the couch.  Well, the weather didn't totally let up after church so we ate lunch and took a nap.  Around 5 o'clock the rain stopped, but the wind was still howling.  At that point I knew that if I left, it would be dark halfway through my run and the clouds were still threatening to rain some more.  I made the executive decision to stay in and rearrange my workout schedule this week so I could fit it in before my race.  Landon and I folded a ton of laundry, ate dinner and I fell asleep on the couch around 8.  I woke up at 11 feeling absolutely horrible and I ran to the bathroom and laid on the tile until I finally threw up.  I have no idea what that was all about; I'm not sick and Landon and I ate all the same food yesterday, but something just did not sit well with me.  I staggered back to bed and Landon tickled my back until I fell back asleep; he is such a sweet husband.  I feel fine this morning, luckily.  Like I said, I definitely don't want to be sick this week so I'm glad I got whatever it was out of my system.

It's Spring Break and I don't know how I got so lucky that that landed on race week.  Now I don't have to juggle homework with everything else I have to do to get ready.  I'm getting so nervous and so excited!  Just thinking about it is giving me butterflies in my stomach.  I can't believe it's been nearly a year since my last half!  I am glad I was blogging about the training process this time.  I'm still mad I didn't document the Tulip Half, but whatever.  I was going through a phase.  

So yeah- there is an entire week condensed into a couple paragraphs.  I know you were all so curious.  

Have a great Monday!!


  1. When I saw your snap story, I was genuinely wondering HOW LONG the gondola ride was, and how high you were going up. It makes sense now that I read you weren't actually moving. I loved the dance party snaps, though!!

    "..it's usually just some noob who fell in front of the chair and they had to stop it to help them" I HAVE LITERALLY BEEN THIS NOOB BEFORE. Not my proudest moment.

  2. You have taper madness- that's why you got sick. It's the worst. As soon as you let off your training, all the shit swoops in, so that you make it to race day free and clear.

    Also, everyone wins at contests to bring the best food. There is no such thing as a loser in that scenario.


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