RIP My Left Butt Cheek

Fancy running into you here.  I realize it's been a week since I sat down and busted out a post, but listen- it's been a whirlwind of a week.  Between going back and forth from my parent's, to taking two sick days in a row, to snowboarding and Easter... I've had a lot going on.

I believe I left off last Tuesday.  That night Landon and I were up in Ogden with my dad and brother and sister.  My dad took me shopping and hooked me up with another pair of jeans (that I would never be able to afford by myself) from my favorite store.  Then the rest of us met up to eat dinner and go indoor surfing at Flow Rider.  My dad got a killer deal for us all to be able to go.  That is one of my favorite activities to do.  I had a mishap this time though.  I was surfing and riding up and down the wave and I spun a 360.  When I came around though, my balance was a little off and resulting in me riding all the way to the top of the wave and as I tried to regain my balance. Well, I failed and the board flew out from under me like I had slipped on a banana peel, but since I was at the top of the wave, when I fell on my butt I didn't land on the mat, I landed on the metal grate. And from the gasps of the people down below and the pain that shot through my entire body- it obviously was not a soft landing.  Luckily, I didn't land on my tailbone, it's more just my left butt cheek, but holy cow is it bruised.  I didn't pay much attention to it for the rest of the session because I was having so much fun, but after we were dried off and on our way home it started to throb and hasn't stopped for the last week.
Fast forward through a couple sick days where I caught up on all of my TV shows while dying on the couch.

Saturday we went snowboarding- OF COURSE.  Do you people think that we actually do anything else with our time?  We are creatures of habit. And we only have two more weekends left until the resort closes, so we are trying to make the most of our last few days.  My favorite part about Spring boarding is that it's warm enough to get away with wearing a hoodie and leggings.  (It hasn't been warm enough, though, to only wear a bra like I did last year.)  I don't know why I love it so much, but I get such a freeing feeling when I'm not bundled up in six layers.  But even though my body wasn't cold on Saturday, my face was!  I was laughing so hard because I felt like I had a botched plastic surgery on my lips.  When I would talk, Landon could hardly understand me because my lips were not working like they were supposed to.  At that point we decided to hit the lodge for some hot coco and call it a day.

After boarding, we went shopping for a new Easter outfit.  I really just wanted a shirt to go with the new jeans my dad had bought me, but oh my gosh, nothing was looking good!! I don't know if whats in right now just doesn't work on me or what- but I could not find anything I liked.  I finally found a shirt and a necklace that I liked enough to spend money on, but wow- what an unsuccessful shopping trip that was.

We got done shopping just in time to go see Batman vs. Superman, which was meh.  I'm not way into super hero movies, but I could have waited for that one to come to Redbox.

Sunday, we went to church and only had one kid in our Primary class.  Landon and I had a bag of chocolate eggs for the kids, but since he was the only one and I don't want a bag of chocolate laying around my house I told him he could have it all.  I don't think I've ever seen a kid so happy in church. After church was over, we met up with Landon's family at the park up the road.  We had a picnic and fed some over-zealous ducks and played Tag on the playground.  I'm sure it was quite a sight watching five grown humans running around a playground like it was recess in 3rd grade.  I don't even remember who was "it" but they had me cornered at the top, so I swung myself down this slide that had some bumps in it and I was going so fast I caught some air on the first bump and landed hard on my already bruised butt cheek. Again- I was having so much fun that I didn't pay much attention to it, but when Tag was over I was feeling it.  And then the next day was leg day and I don't think my butt will ever heal at this point.  So. Much. Pain.
Anyway, that's what I've been up to for the past week.  I need to get somethings in order starting this week.  We have a ton of homework we have to do by tomorrow and I need to get back into a new workout routine.  I've been slacking big time since BBG ended and I ran my half marathon.  I started BBG 2.0 on Monday, but I need to get better about my eating again and really buckle down.  We are going to Hawaii in May, so I have six weeks to get my abs back.  Wish me luck!!


  1. OUCHHHHH, YOUR BUTT. I'M SORRY. I would fall on my face .2 seconds into a wave like that. I'm not cut out for extreme sports, or non-extreme sports (I quit bocce).

    Is there anything worse than an unsuccessful shopping trip? No, I truly don't think so. I'm glad you were able to find something, though!



    Shopping is HARD. I rarely find things I like these days!

  3. Dude. Your poor butt just can't catch a break. Also, how fun is your family??? Every time you talk about your activities, I just want to be adopted by all of you.

    Also, Hawaii? That's awesome!


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