Who Wore It Better

Happy Tuesday my beautiful people! How are things? Things are good here, it's snowing violently at the moment.  But- it's too warm to stick to the ground down here, so it's really just turning everything into a cold, slushy mess.  But I don't mind! Because that means that it's snowing even harder in the mountains where it is cold enough to stick and will keep the resorts open for that (clap) much (clap) longer (clap).

I was actually talking to Landon about that last night, I told him I was going to miss snowboarding so much! I can't think of a time in my life, save these last few years, where I just didn't want winter to end because I didn't want to stop snowboarding.  I realize we will have more things to do on the weekends like dirt biking and mountain biking, but I'm just going to really miss the snow.

But, I am glad that I will continue to get to spend so much time in the mountains.  They are my favorite place to be; it's just so clear and clean and beautiful, ugh, my spirit feels so alive there.  When I told Landon I was going to miss snowboarding, he asked what we were going to spend our weekends doing and I told him, "Mountain biking, duh."  I've been seeing more and more cars near my work with their bikes on the back of their cars and it's getting me PUMPED.  And someone posted on the Park City Trails FB page yesterday saying the trail system Round Valley was dry enough for runners/hikers and hopefully in a few more weeks, bikes. Because reader/bikers beware: Park City residents with have your head on a pike if you ride in the mud on your bike.  (that initially wasn't going to rhyme, but I saw the opportunity and I took it.)  And while I agree with them, I can't call myself a Park City resident until my paycheck shows at least four more zeros on the end of it and I have vacation homes in three different destinations. Bonus points if I own one or more exotic pets like the guy off the PC exit on Highway 40 who has a buffalo and zebra that roam around in his yard. Actually, I heard he's on his second zebra because the first one died.  And I'm no zoologist or biologist or whatever, but I wonder if it has anything to do with our climate?!  And that there is a reason that zebras don't exist here unless they are in a climate controlled exhibit at the zoo?!


Well.  This post took a weird turn.

For those of you looking for the highlights of this one-sided conversation:

1. I don't want the snow to melt.
2. But I really want to go mountain biking.
3. Zebras are a questionable animal to own in Utah.
4. Buffalo are okay because they are NATIVE to this region.
5. But also, buffalo are kind of a questionable animal to own.

While I go deal with my conflicting feelings over winter and summer activities, let me leave you with this question:

Who wore Park City better?? Summer? or Winter??

Post Script: It's snowing substantially harder now that it was when I started writing this post, and it is indeed now sticking to the ground.  So, *raises glass* cheers to a few more weeks of snowboarding.


  1. I'm not sure I'm in a position to say which season Park City does best- but I can say that YOU look the best in every season. JUST SAYIN!!

  2. So, according to the U-Haul we rented last weekend, Zebras may have roamed Idaho a few million years ago. So strange.

    Also, Winter in Park City > Summer in Park City. But they're both probably better than either season in most other places. Let's be honest.


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