So, I haven't been in college full-time since Fall 2011.  And while I didn't forget the pains of the last couple weeks of the semester?  I kind of "forgot" the pains of the last couple weeks of the semester.  It's probably a lot like how labor is the worst pain ever, but then you have a baby and you completely forget about it.  I don't know.  I've never had a kid.  For all I know, I might rather be in labor right now.

In this last week alone I have busted out literally 33 pages in research for study guides.  I've put together 1 1/2 presentations, two papers, discussion questions galore, and a butt-load of research for two final projects that are due next week, but are not even anything concrete yet; just a jumble of ideas and about 20 pages of hardly legible notes in my notebook.

All of that- IN FOUR DAYS.

My brain cracked a little yesterday.  If you follow me on Snapchat, you'd have seen the exact moment when it happened.  I was reading in one of my sales textbooks and it was talking about like, keeping your cool in front of the customer, or something.  Even if they say something to you that catches you off guard or offends you.  It said that if that happens, instead of freaking out and being all defensive to say, "Wow, I've never thought of it that way." And then it says to find an appropriate way to excuse yourself, literally turn your body away from them and to genuinely think about their point of view.  Like, really talk yourself into believing that they have positive intent and were not trying to offend you.  Then, once you've gained composure to turn back to them and say, "I can see why you think that way." And I- LOST IT.

I was in my office all alone with tears streaming down my face at the mental image of me turning away from a customer and having an internal negotiation with myself while the customer stands there behind you.  It was hysterical to me.  I was trying to stifle my manic giggles, but the more I thought about it, the funnier it got.  I couldn't handle it.  And it was like, from that moment on for the rest of the day the smallest thing would send me into a fit of laughter.

I was at the gym after work busting out a quick work out before I had to go home, make dinner, pack lunches and do MORE homework.  I was really pushing it because of all the stress I needed to break down and sweat out.  Well, I did sweat; like a fat, old man.  I was trying to take a #sweatyselfie (don't judge me) for my exercise instagram account when my eye liner started to bleed and this black sweat drop rolled down my nose.  (Gross, right?  I had a lot of rage to get out.)  And Snapchat got this horrifying new filter yesterday that blacks out your eyes and makes you look possessed (literally my worst fear).  And even though it makes my stomach hurt to even look at, I couldn't miss the opportunity of the black tear.
Disgusting, right? bahaha it still cracks me up.  It's so gross, but I was laughing so hard.  Luckily, I was the only one in the gym and nobody had to see that.  

Even between work and homework and cooking and whatnot, I've still made it to the gym for about an hour every afternoon.  It's been my saving grace this week.  It's been my "me" time, and a serious stress-reliever.  I mean, I'm still stressed, but I haven't cried yet.  And I'm gonna call that a win.

Unless you talk me about my dog.  You can expect immediate water works if you do that.

uggghhhh. Just get me to next Saturday.

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