Goodbyes Are Hard.

To say this weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions would be a very cliche understatement, but alas, my brain can't come up with a more original description for you on this Monday morning.  As I keep mentioning in previous blog posts, Park City shut its gates for the winter season this weekend and I'm still in denial over it.  Landon and I wore our traditional "Last Day" tutu and zebra leggings that we wore last year.  I also wore a shirt that my mom and sister made that they were going to wear at the finish line of the Zion Half, but apparently they thought it was a "pinterest fail" and made the other ones.  I thought it was adorable and they let me have it along with three others.  Landon wore the Han Swolo tank I bought for myself but it ended up being way to big for me.  All in all, I thought we looked great.  It always makes the last day on the mountain a little more fun.  I was so excited about the outfits that I completely forgot gloves, so I boarded bare-handed and took extra precaution when needed because I really didn't want to go down.

We got our traditional breakfast Kolaches before we went and that was a high point for me considering I hadn't had any carbs last week and I could hear the Hallelujah Chorus singing as I devoured them.  I don't think that tradition will be put away for the summer though; I plan on getting those bad boys before mountain biking on Saturdays now.

Saturday night, I got a call from my mom asking me what our plans were for Sunday.  I told her we were going to Sunny's to do our taxes (nothing like waiting till the last minute).  I asked her what she was doing and she said she wanted to have a Tukae Party.  Tukae is our family dog that I've talked about here a time or two.  We got him Christmas of 1999 right before the whole Y2K scare, hence his name: Tukae.  He has been the best little dog for the past 16 years.  Unfortunately he is blind, deaf, and really sick and not getting better.  She thinks it is time to put him out of his pain.  She wanted to get everyone together to have a lunch and day with him watching home movies and sharing stories.  I told her I didn't think we were going to be able to make it up and she said, "Well, what about next Sunday?"  And I told her (through a waterfall of tears) that should work for us.  So, now I've got that hanging over my head, and I've literally cried about it at least 6 times since that phone call.  I'm crying now.  It' ridiculous.  Tuk was my first dog, so I haven't dealt with anything like this before and I'm taking it pretty hard.
Yesterday was good, though.  We had a delicious lunch at Sunny's and I got to play all day with my little niece, Abby.  And when she was properly worn out, we snuggled while she took a nap on top of me.  It melted my broken heart into a puddle and I felt some very real baby hunger bleed into my system.  It was wonderful and terrifying.
Landon got our taxes filed and we were stoked with the little chunk of change we'll be getting in return.  We've got big plans to pay off student debt! Woo! Anyway.  Like I said, a rollercoaster of emotions and I'm just trying to deal with them all while cutting carbs back out of my life.  It's been great.


  1. So sorry about your baby pup :( I'm thinking of you guys!

    On a lighter note, you and Landon look AMAZING, and I'm so glad you enjoyed your last day on the slopes!! <3 <3

  2. Ugh, cutting carbs makes emotional times 10 million times worse. Hang in there. Also, I'm so sorry about your dog. That's a terrible thing to have to go through.


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