I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands

I went to bed at 9:57 last night, you guys. NINE FIFTY SEVEN.  I haven't been in bed before at least 11:00 pm for the last month or so.  Probably another factor in the crappy mood I've been in. BUT- I am feeling so good this morning; I can't stop smiling.  I'm gonna leave work a little early so I can go pick up my packet for the race.  And I'm going to dinner tonight with my dad, brother and sister for Brenden's birthday/going away party for my dad and sis.  They are going to Ohio for the next month or so; my dad is selling and Mariah is going to be his T.A. for his online classes.  Gonna miss those fools.

And tomorrow, Landon and I will be getting up at 5 AM so we can get ready and drive down to the Tulip Festival where I will run that half marathon.  There is only a 40% chance of rain which I am happy about after this morning's commute in a BLIZZARD.  I mean, it'd be fine, I ran all winter in the snow, but I was happy when I dropped into the Salt Lake Valley and it was only a little cloudy and there was no snow.  Perks of living in the mountains- April snow storms are guaranteed.

I did manage to bust out a six mile run last night.  It wasn't raining or snowing when I went, but the wind was ridiculous.  It's been that way all week and half the time it feels like I'm running in place.  I would legitimately rather run in snow than in wind.  My left knee was a little whiny at the end of the run, but other than that I felt great.  I'm just going to take it easy tomorrow and it is going to be so fun! I can't wait.  When I was paying the $80 late registration fee the other night, I told Landon this was my gift to myself for getting through the semester.  He just looked at me straight faced  and after a couple seconds he was like, "I can't believe your idea of a gift to yourself is running 13 miles."  He's right.  There was a time when that was not the case.  And that time was my entire life up until last year.  I still weird myself out sometimes.

Ahhh, you guys, I feel so good right now.  It's amazing what kind of stress was lifted off my shoulders yesterday as I submitted all of my schoolwork and washed my hands of the semester.  And this next semester is going to be substantially kinder to me since I'm only taking two classes instead of five.  So, it's not like I'm getting a summer vacation, but I'm cutting myself a little break and I feel really good about it.  ONE DAY I'LL GRADUATE.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Stay tuned for many pictures of the race tomorrow and if you want a play-by-play of it all add me on snapchat! Username: whitneycalle.  LOVE YOU!!

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  1. I read part of that first paragraph as "My dad is selling Mariah" and I was like HOLD ON A MINUTE!!!!

    Good luck this weekend, and enjoy your freedom from school! Going to bed early is the best!!!


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